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Thursday, April 24, 2014

How To Get More Facebook Followers 2014

How To Get More Facebook Followers 2014

Facebook is known by many things like followers,likes, comments and many more, Increase Facebook followers /
Subscribers also useful things on Facebook, Today we are sharing with you  How To Get More Facebook Followers for business and also on your personal account, fb page known as there likes and big celebrity known as there Subscribers, So now every buddy trying to get fast and free Subscribers on this social site, Actually fb getting popular idea from others social sites like twitter,  Subscribers system first lunched by twitter like same fb also adopt that features and its also so liked by peoples.

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 How To Get More Facebook Followers 2014 image photo

What is Facebook Followers or Subscribers

Subscribers similar as page likes, Biggest popular celebrity like cricket players, politician, actor and actress are can't use personal account because in a personal account fb give only five thousand friends, But we can increase unlimited Subscribers. Means its similar as fb page likes, Increase or getting fb friends is very easy but increase or getting fb Subscribers is very hard,
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How To Increase Facebook Followers By Follow List

I think or as my experience for increase Facebook
Subscribers create a followers list is best method, I see many list which have 200000 Subscribers, Just follow then and include more fans and done,  This is fast and effective method, Just create a followers list just share its on many groups and on many accounts, Attract more friends on list, If you don't know how to create a Facebook Subscribers list don't worry we  have complete method on this just follow and do it.
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Some tips and Tricks for Increase Followers list.

If you wanna get more Facebook Subscribers for your personal account than you must follow some tips and trick. Actually fb give us add as friends and follow option, When we removed add as friends they must click on follow button, We can hid add as friends option, You can find complete method for hide Add as friends button. also enable follow option in your fb account, Just read some useful tips and tricks for increase Subscribers.

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 How To Get More Facebook Followers 2014 image photo

  • Get Facebook Followers By Create List.

  • Enable Followers on your fb Profile.

  • Buy Followers by many sites which provide this.

  • Hide Add as Friends option in Your profile.

  • All tutorial you can see on high light links

Final Words

There are many method for increase Facebook followers, But as my experience these upper written are most popular and also high effective, If you will try that you will get positive response, If you have any question about this article you can comment below, If you have any suggestion you can ask us, We are always trying to share something new and useful stuffs with our fans, So ask us feel free, Thanks for visit and keep it, You can share this article using SEND option.


How to Use Facebook for Beginners Full Guide

How to Use Facebook for Beginners Full Guide 

Facebook is first name on Internet but Newbie and dummies don't know about this social site,  Today i am trying to share complete step by step guide on How to Use Facebook for Beginners Full Guide,  Facebook is the biggest world wide social networking site,  Now days its top, He left all social networking site like Google plus, Twitter and many, Now its taking big amount of internet user, Every day Millions people login there account and using this, Here we can chat, send sms, video calling, php, update status and video, also photo sharing. Its navigation is very user friendly but many people which recently create there account they don't know about this i will show some best guide which can help you to understand this social site.

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What is Facebook and its use ?

Facebook is the biggest social networking site,Mark Zuckerberg is founder of Facebook,  Its make for only some class mate which can connect though internet, But now its became very popular, Here we can enjoy many think, Its totally free, We can use it by internet data, Some mobile companies also providing limited free Facebook offer on new phones also, Because every one using this.

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Here some Feature which we can enjoy on Facebook

  • Share Status, Photo, Image.

  • Create Fan page for business.
  •  Create own application,

  • Promote your business,

  • Make Followers,

  • Chat with friends

  • Video calling.

  • Create Note,

How to Use Facebook for Dummies 2014

Sign up New Account - If you wanna enjoy this social site then you must sign up on this social site, Its very easy,  first you need a email, Facebook is accept any type emails, but for better security i suggest you gmail.  Actually many email service provider sites like yahoo, may be delete you email without inform you, once my email also deleted by use gmail. After create email just follow me.

How to Use Facebook for Beginner image photo

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  • Now Enter First Name and Second Name.
  • Enter you email twice and enter password.
  • Password must use strong for better security.
  • Enter birthday, gender and enter captcha.
  • Now click on green sign up button and one.

How to Verify Email of Facebook

After create successfully your Facebook account, Facebook will send you a confirmation email. Many people say me that i don't find verification email in my inbox, but don't worry there you will see a popup box for resend email just click on it, After get email just click on confirmation email and done, Now you will not see confirm email pop up massage,

How to Fill Facebook About me Option.

After creating account, you must fill all your information.  There are many information in about me section request like your profile picture, Timeline Picture, Your Interest, Relation, Home town, Education, Job, If you have Facebook fan page than you can also put that page on job title if he is your job, You can also add your best lines, your quotes, put your religion, and many which you will see when you explore them.

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How to Use Facebook for Beginner image photo

  • First click open your  Home page.

  • For update you all information Click on Update Info.

  • If you wanna Change picture click on picture and upload it.

  • If you wanna change timeline picture just click on setting gear.

  • Now upload your best timeline picture and position it and done.

  • Click on about option for add your complete information.

  • Just edit all information and fill it, after fill save it and done.

  • For Create Group - If you wanna create a group than click on Create a Group.

Note - If You wanna Know Any Stuff Just Comment Below we will Inform you.

Final Words

There are many option and setting which we can share in a article, Its simple quick article, But if you need more you can watch our related tutorials, If you have any question related to this social site you can comment below, We will sure reply your answer as well as soon, Thanks for visit our blog for more keep explore this site, Thank you


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Top Best Facebook marketing strategy for Businesses

Top Best Facebook marketing strategy for Businesses

Hello Guys, Today we are trying to share some best world wide also effective Top Best Facebook marketing strategy for Businesses, Using that you can get more success in your online marketing business, There are no doubt that social sites are popular plate for for promote your online business, In the past or few year ago its not big part of spread your business, But now online business marketing is first choice or best method for get success, Marketing is the biggest platform for work, If you wanna really high response in every filed of online marketing than you must know all Facebook marketing Strategies for Businesses for better success, There are many for get high success but i am talking some more important which can help in your online marketing.

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Facebook marketing strategy for Businesses image Photo

Why Facebook is better for Online Business Marketing ?

I am always trying to share step to step guide on topic, According to topic this question is really best and also appearing that why you must use Facebook social site for online business marketing, Actually now time of social sites, If you note than you will see that most world top sites are social sites, Facebook is the really in top in social sites, Its have biggest amount of users,  Its most user are returning, Its world wide site, You can target your business every where in the world. Its give you many advertising tool which can help you in best investment for better result.

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Some top Facebook Marketing Strategies Businesses

Create a Facebook Business Page For Connect With Customers - Facebook Business page is mots required for grow up your online marketing using Facebook, Without fan page you can get more success, Make a Business page is so easy you can make it in few minutes, But first impression is last impression so make a best and professional Facebook Business page, Simple Facebook page not required more things but for online marketing or your for your product its need all like, apps, likes, new updates, daily updates, Daily sharing Connect with user, Reply customer issue and many which i will trying to share in below article.

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Facebook marketing strategy for Businesses image Photo

Choose Keyword Page name with Vanity URL for best marketing strategy

For better success you must use a keyword Facebook Marketing Business page name for your product, If your product is related to health and your page keyword like a tech then its not help to grow up, Also not better for get more traffic, So trying use best product keyword in name, For better result you must use a keyword vanity URL. When name and vanity URL related to your online marketing keyword it will give you more success.

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Make landing page for Better Facebook marketing strategy

First impression is the last impression, So if you wanna attractive look for your page then you must create welcome page for your fan page, Actually welcome page will give your customers  a product touch,  Your customer will think that its better for me, There are many Welcome or landing page apps
using that you can create very attractive welcome page, Its no needs more knowledge but its give you professional look.

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Facebook marketing strategy for Businesses image Photo

Connect Your page to Others Social Media using Apps

Now most biggest and popular social media sites are connecting applications, You can also use them, I am giving you a example that you are often seeing that share via Twitter, Means Like if you will share your product update on Twitter it will also share by apps on Facebook, It will also give you twitter followers winch connected to you by your page.

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Always Update your fan Page with new Features of  Product

Now days getting  costumer is so hard, because online marketing competition is so high, If you wanna grebe costumers than you must give something new and attractive bonus on your product, When you will update new costumers friendly announce on your page, Using this your returning costumers will increasing. 

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Use Facebook Advertisement program for Promote your Business

Get faster costumers without doing no more than you must try Facebook Ads, Using this you can target your audience or customers any where in the worlds. because its a world wide social site, There are many tools which providing by Facebook adwords, Using that you can see real impression of your ads also.

Share New Video and Images of you Product

Stopping people so hard, If you wanna notice your product on online then you must share something new and attractive,  Status update are every one sharing but for get more attention you should use video,

Final Words

There are many Facebook marketing strategy for Businesses which can help you to promote your online marketing business,  I was trying to share some most effective things which may be help you, If you have any  question on this article please comment below, If you have any new suggestion which may be also useful for our visitors you can suggest us.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to get Increase Blog website Traffic from Facebook

How to get Increase Blog website Traffic from Facebook

hello guys, Today we are sharing with you some important tips and tricks for get big percentage of traffic using Facebook account and page, which is How to get Blog site Traffic from Facebook,  Every buddy know that Facebook is the best place for get high traffic without hard work, here you can grab targeted traffic using many features of this social site, Now Google is  very advance also all developer to advance so competition is so increased, So every one wanna use easy tips for get high traffic using social sites like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and many more, I have some ideas for you using that you can use them for better seo, All these traffic which we will get using this social account also safe according to Alexa rank and Google Adsense so use its freely.

get Increase Blog website Traffic from Facebook image photo

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Why You must Get Traffic Using Facebook For your Website or Blog

Actually many people  no more try on social sites, Because most people don't know that we can get 20% traffic using this social site, Few months be before we also not trying on this, But after using some tool we get a hug blog traffic using  this social site, In Alexa scan report we note that its give us, very supportive blog traffic also it can help in Increase Alexa Rank, You can see our blog Report in below image,

get Increase Blog website Traffic from Facebook image photo

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Top Best Way For Increase  Blog Site Traffic Using Social site 

Getting Blog Traffic using Facebook its something different, Get Page view for your blog is possible using three way, One is the best ways is get audience by search engine like Google, Bing Yahoo or any others, and second by Social media, and last is get direct traffic,  Big website like  twitter is getting  90% traffic by direct,  But if are you new then getting Site traffic using social sites is best ways for newbie. Its can support your site for good traffic without no more work.

get Increase Blog website Traffic from Facebook image photo

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Killer Tricks For get site  Traffic pageview Though Facebook

There are many trick for get blog or web site traffic using social site but, I am giving you a really so killer trick for this, Juts create a Page, and Group, Get likes on your page and add more friends in your Group Then, Just  share your update using DLVR.IT, It will automatically; share your blog blog on your group, Accounts and on page, You  can connect more accounts and you can get more pageview daily, Its very fast your update will share on your accounts in hour.

How to get Increase Blog website Traffic from Facebook

Its a best way and also professional way for get preview for your blog, First you mus create a best page, If you are using a page for your site or blog, You must add a Facebook like box in your  blogger or you can use Facebook popup Like box its give you more likes to. When any person which  like your page he will connect with your site updates, If he/she will like  your site's any article that  person sure visit your blog.

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How To get Traffic Using Facebook Personal account

Getting Big Traffic from Your Facebook personal account also best way, Just connect your Facebook account using, and share your sites updates on many accounts, You can create more account, Just make five thousand friends, If you have big amount of active friends then its will also give you more page view, So for this you must always trying to get connect more peoples.

How To get Big Traffic using Facebook Group For your Blog and Site

No More people try this trick but i think as my knowledge and e experience Facebook group also a better way for get big amount page view for your site,  First you must create a Facebook group on your site name, Our Facebook Group name is New Facebook Tips Tricks. Now add your all friends in your group and you can get also help for getting friends in your group by your friends. too.  Just share your updates there and get positive re result.

Final words

This is a our personal experience, You can use this for better seo,  If are you new it will help you for increase URL rank, Its also better and supportive way for increase your page rank, Because social sharing is most effective way for get or increase page rank, If you have any question about this article please comment below, We will reply as well as soon,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to make Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

How to make Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Hello guys today we are sharing with you a Facebook secret trick for make create a awesome attractive cool Facebook timeline cover photo image picture without Photoshop or any software, You can make a stylish and more attractive cover using this trick easily,  On this social site more people trying to attract on there own profile  or status update, Means if you have something unique on your fb account then people will notice this thing, Using that you can get more likes on you fb status update,  picture and on many things. Than you first make your account something different for attract more peoples on your profile.

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How to make Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photo image photo

How can i Make My Facebook Something different

If you thinking to make your profile something more attractive, than you can follow many things, There are many way fro make your fb timeline some thing more attractive, You can start by stylish name, attractive cover, cool, status update, by stylish text share, Also using something new latest tricks which more people don't know, I am also give you some tips link on this article you can follow them also.

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How Create Stylish cool Facebook Cover Without Photoshop

Photoshop is the one of best software for make any cool awesome attractive Facebook cover , But its so hard for newbie friends, If are not professional you can't make like these type attractive Facebook timeline cover easily, But don't worry, This trick don't need Photoshop, You can do it without Photoshop and you no need any other application for this, Really its something advance and more easy.

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Video Tutorial For Make Attractive Facebook Timeline cover Without Photoshop

This is very easy tutorial, We are trying to share with complete steps, If you enable to understand this tutorial, Than you can also visit or get our you tube video tutorial for this, May be its help you more,  I hope using this you can Do it very easily.

Video Tutorials

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Make Facebook timeline Cool Attractive and Awesome

  • First you Must login in Your Facebook account.

  • Now Just go on your Homepage like my Mahendra.

  • Now Open Your Computer's snipping Tool.

How to make Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photo image photo

  • Now Select One Corner to Second Fix Corner.

  • Now simply  Save this snap on your computer.

  • Now Upload That screen shot on Timeline.

How to make Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photo image photo

  • Now Again Capture a Screen shot with same margin.

  • Now Again upload this Snip o cover.

  • Just Try this five time and done.

Final Words

Guys this is a really awesome trick, You can do this without Photoshop, If you gt any problem you can use YouTube video Tutorial for this, If you have any question please ask us, In next tutorial we will share about Facebook page cover, Like some but more attractive, Thanks for visit our blog, You can share this article with your friends may be they also need this.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to Write Urdu on Facebook wall Name Language

How to Write Urdu on Facebook wall Name Language

Hello Guys, Today we are giving you with a simple but most attractive trick for How to Write Urdu on Facebook wall Name Language, Facebook is world wide social site, This popular social site is supporting many language, Its default language is US English, But most people are wanna enjoy this using there local language like Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and many like this,English is international language, But  Every one Love There local language, Urdu is national language of Pakistan, Its also big country of Asia and as a fb users its biggest country,  This tips also useful for Pak users,

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How to Write Urdu on Facebook wall Name Language image

How Can I wright On Facebook Using Urdu Language

Every one love there own country and every one also like to promote there countries things and cultural things, Language is a real past of any country's culture, Me from India Me also trying to share many time in Hindi Language, As our site fully promoting only fb related things or tips tricks and tutorial, so many mine Pak and Indian friends requesting to me for give a simple trick for Share status update in Urdu Language.

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How to write name on Facebook in Urdu

Today internet is really so advance, Every day launching new and something more special tool for Write in any language, Now we can learn any language online easily, If you will search on Online Urdu Writer tool than you will see thousand collection, Many people also trying to add there name in Urdu on Facebook profile, Its very easy first you must wright your name in Urdu language and past it on name option, Facebook will accept you name, Than save it and done,

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Now Wright Your Status in Urdu Language on Facebook

  • This is simple online tool Providing By Google.

  • First you Must login in Your Facebook Account.

  • Now write you word for Urdu and get it.

  • Just Copy your status and share on it.

  • Its done enjoy Urdu on Facebook.


Final words

Guys actually we don't know more tools for this, If you have any suggestion for these type online tools you can suggest us, Sure we will add in our article, May be you suggestion also better for many user, Please share this article with your friends using below SEND  button, May be its also useful for fro your friends. Thanks for visit our Blog and keep it,

How to get 20,000 Facebook Page Likes In a Week Free

How to get 20,000 Facebook Page Likes In a Week Free

Hello Guys, Welcome again Facebook Business page like series, Today we are sharing with you How to get 20,000 Facebook Page Likes In a Week fast also free no any any paying, According to our site topic we are always trying to share something new and more advance tricks of this social site, You know whats is tricks ? if you don't know about tricks world than i wanna tell you a tricks is best method of any thing using that you can get awesome features of related device, site or work, Are you our daily visitor than you know that we are master on tricks, Some tricks are given bu use and some are send by our genius friends, This idea given by us,

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How to get 20,000 Facebook Page Like image picture

How to Increase Facebook like fast with official Method

Yes this is better question, Because there are many tricks for get fast Facebook likes free for you business and community or any others category page, But most method or tricks really not safe,  This method safe you can use it as our knowledge, We just converting account into page, This service also providing by Facebook officially.  Than lets try and do it

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How to get more likes on facebook Page Fast image picture

How can I get Fast Facebook Business page likes free

There are many sites which can provide you many likes but they are not free, but most people on internet are trying to get free services,  There are many also tricks using that you can get or increase your Facebook likes fast with free, but our this tricks really so advance, There are no similar trick which can stand with this, We get many massages on our site email inbox and in our Facebook fan page, for like this type tricks,

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Get 20,000 Facebook Fan Page likes Free fast free 2014

If are you thinking that what is secrete of this method, When i share this status update on my timeline friends asking to me that what is that killer trick using you can increase so faster likes, But i wanna say you this is official method, We was post many tutorial on Facebook after bind some tutorial we get this trick,  We just completing this method by create four new Facebook account than add more friends every account, means every account five thousand friends will must nee, After get five thousand friends just convert these account into page with same names. Now merge it and done.  This is tested and official method.

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Killer trick for get 20000 Friends in week

  • First you Must Create 4 New Facebook Accounts.

  • In 7 days you will get five thousand friends sure.

  • Note these All Fan Page name must be same.

  • Its done you can enjoy,


Final Words

Hello guys i hope you will understand this method, Its not advance but but this is very effective, I am giving full steps method may be you will understand this, If you have any question on completing this tutorial you can comment below, I will sure reply your answer as well as soon, Thanks for visit our blog and keep it for more new working method.  Please share this article using SEND button with you friends may be they also like or need this .. Thank you  . . . 


Monday, April 14, 2014

How To Get 5000 Facebook Page Likes in 10 Day Free

How To Get 5000 Facebook Page Likes in 10 Day Free

Hello guys, Today i am Giving you a killer trick for How To get 5000 Facebook Page Likes in 10 Days free for business page very faster without any paying, Its killer trick we are also test, If you need Facebook this trick than follow us,  This is our tenth article on get Facebook fan page like fast and free, This social site is very popular though its features, like adding friends, private chat, group chat, making groups, events, php and apps but Facebook page is one of most popular service of this social site, All are using this social site for different propose likes increase friends, chat with friends and many but all using Facebook page, because very useful for your product online marketing and spread your product every where in the world.
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Get 5000 Facebook Page Likes in Day 10 Free image picture

How Can i get More Likes For My Facebook page free

As we are always trying to share all information about this social site, We have only one niche topic for share tips and tricks also tutorials, So we always getting many new tutorials request in inbox,  Most people asking us for How To change Facebook name after 200 likes  and second is  How To Get fast Facebook likes free, we are always trying to get new ideas about this social site which can help to our fans, in this series we are sharing this tricks with you.

Upcoming Tricks - How To Get 20000 Likes on a Facebook Page in 10 Days

Trick for Get 5000 Facebook Business page Likes in 10 days

This social site is really biggest place for get success in your business, Now days everyone take chance on this site for promote there own business, We can grow up our business though your Facebook business page, But for grow up business you must need more like on page, There are many sites and which can provide you likes but not free, But our trick is really totally free, You can get really to faster, We are saying you that its done in 10 days but you can get in 10 days, We are telling you maximum which can take this trick.

Get 5000 Facebook Page Likes in Day 10 Free image picture

Official Safe Method For Get Get fast Facebook Page Likes

We are always trying to provide more safe method with our visitors, This is a also very safe method, no any extra work, Its need few minutes for this, But its most problem is its not working with old page, Its only for new page, We will try to share new method which can help you increase Facebook page like in old page also, We are trying for that may be be our coming tutorial for old page, Ok now come to the point i hope you will enjoy it.

Get 5000 Likes on new Facebook Page fast free

  • First you must create a new Facebook Account.

  • Just fill up your all information for complete

  • Now first you must Visit and follow below method,

  • You must use above 500 friends method one of the day.

  • Sure you will get 5000 friends in a week maximum.

  • After Get 5000 friends in you account now follow below step.

  • Just fill up Right Information and done.

Final words

This is one of powerful method for get m,ore Facebook fan page likes also fast and free, If you know any other method tell us, We  sure you not find any similar method like this, If you have any question you can comment below, We will reply you any question as well as soon, you can share our blog using Below SEND Button With your Friends and in Groups, for support us.