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Monday, September 1, 2014

How to Get More Comments on Facebook Photo, Status Updates Fast

How to increase Facebook comments very fast or how to get more comments on Facebook photo updates fast and Facebook status updates very fast and safe, many friends need. After sharing working trick on How to get More Facebook followers Free Fast today we are sharing about this. You know friends every social site known by their features, I mean to say you that twitter known by their followers and re twitters, Google plus known by their circles, Instagram known by their followers, YouTube is known by their subscribers, Similar like as Facebook known by their Followers, likes and subscribers, But getting more comments not easier. But you know when you will share a status on your wall, then if you get more likes on your wall updates, Means status updates or photo updates, Then more likes showing your popularity on social sites, Means everyone trying to get more popularity on social networking site, and their popularity showing by their likes, In this way today we are giving best way to increase very fast and also very safe.

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How to Get Comments on Facebook Photo, Status Updates image photo

How can I Increase my Facebook Comments Very Fast?

As you know that on every social networking site like, Google plus, twitter, Instagram, VK, or any others, People trying, trying to get more polarity, Similar as on Facebook, People also trying to get more popularity, So people trying to get more on their status updates and photo updates, So many people asking us that they can get more and very fast on their updates? Today by this article we are replying to our all friends, that yes, you can get more comments and also fast using our this trick, Its also safe and working fine, lets read more about this trick.

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What this method is Safe and i Can use it?

If you will search on the net, then you will find many tips and tricks similar likes, But most are not safe, Most are using your token for different propose, So always first check or don't try any tips and tricks for getting more comments and fast, But don't worry, Today we are giving your best and very safe way to increase your comments to faster. Just follow us and enjoy this.

Get Fast Comments on Facebook Photo and Status Updates

Guys for this method we are using a comments, I mean to say you auto commenting, But most are a spam, and we are providing you spam free, Just go below and just generate your access token, first you must allow this application and get comments very fast, So just follow our step to step method and get it.

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  • First Allow this permission, Only first time.

  • Now just generate Access token,

  • Just summit your access token.

  • Use multi commenter for different type comment.

  • Just click on and wait for few second and done.

  • You will see many comments on your updates,

  • You can use it for many times, and enjoy this.

Any help on Increase comments on Facebook Updates

We hope you will enjoy this trick, and we think you can easily do it, For better performance and make it spam free you must try this again after 15 minutes, Using this you can get unlimited comments also too faster, It will give you more publicity on social networking site, If you have any questions related to our this trick, Then just comment below, we will try to update your answer as well as soon. For more Facebook tips and tricks and also new updates on Facebook keep visiting our blog. Thank you

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Facebook Page Verification Request Not Accepted Or Disapprove What I do?

Facebook Page Verification Request Not Accepted or disapprove, after sending Facebook page for verify, they were not accepted your page verification request, then what you or I should do?,  How to Resend your Facebook page for verification logo again or after not accepted, These type questions now days, you are seeing everywhere on the net I mean to say on the Facebook page, group,  chat and on comments. After giving your working method on How to Submit Facebook Page for Request a Verified Badge or Logo 2015 now days we are trying to clear these type questions which most appearing on this method. Or on verification process. After share accepted way for your personal to verify, Facebook also share many policies of verification, Actually, people are not following their terms and policies and they are just sending, to verification, Its make it spam, So first make you as this social site's policy policies then, just send it to this social site and get verified easily.

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Facebook Page Verification Request Not Accepted  disapprove image photo

Facebook Page Verification Has Not accepted, can I Resend?

Now days we are getting this question most in our email box and our inbox, Actually, after giving working link of verification, People just send their without knowing right setup, Its making their request spam, So most requests are not accepted by this social site. Now people feeling sad about this, Because most are thinking that, their page is spam or will not approved in the future, But don't worry, You can resend it to after a few days by following our some instructions, May be it will give yo more positive result.

How to Setup Facebook Page Before sending it to Verification

Facebook is giving a policy for their all features, If you will follow their policies, then you can get easily or you can enjoy their all features very easily, So if your verification request not accepted, then you must first watch all features or section carefully, If any section not filled then you must fill first all with our right working guide. Because without this your request will not accepted by this social networking site, So just go to our given line and just follow these settings for setting up right Page, which can easily approve by Facebook for the verified logo or badge.

Facebook Page Not verified Then You Must Follow some Instruction 

If our Facebook Page not verified after send it it to this social site, Then before resend it to Facebook, You must follow some easily introductions, Which can give you positive result, There are not more hidden secret for this, Its similar like Google Adsense, Just give some time, Increase likes and resend it to this social networking site and get a logo or badge so easily.

  • First set up your Facebook Page's all sections.

  • You can visit our complete post on set up.

  • Wait for  15 days before resend it again.

  • Don't share any spamming content.

  • Now increase more likes and trying spread.

  • Trying to increase more your post reach.

  • Trying to post daily with status, image and videos.

  • Make cover and profile picture related to your service.

Final words on Facebook Page verification disapprove

Guys, this is simple and working and right way, If you wanna positive result on Facebook Page request verification, Then you must follow our simple tips before resend your Page for verification, Finally, if you have any questions about Page verification, which we are not describe here, Then just ask us by commenting below or MSG us, We will try to update your quires as well as soon,

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Setup Facebook Page Before send it to Verification

Setup Facebook Page Before send it to Verification is very useful for getting verified Facebook page, If you wanna verify your Facebook page, then first complete all parts of your Facebook page, After then you can send it to the Facebook verification team for verify. After giving Link For Verify Facebook Page for Get Logo, You know people are sending their verification request without any right set up, Its also Facebook's policies against, Without complete, sending request its make spam, So don't try without complete setup, First complete,after then send it to Verification team, Today we are sharing on its setup, Because without right setup we can't verified on this social networking site not, So don't worry let's follow us and give right setup to your and get verified badge or logo.

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How to Setup Facebook Page Before send it to Verification image photo

My Facebook Page verification request Not accepted what I Do

When we share link for send Facebook page verification request, People just sending their request without follow policies of this social networking site not. After sending without follow policies, If your request also, not accepted, then don't worry, wait for a few days, trying get more likes and also set up right then do it. Actually, this social networking site not accepting these requested which are not complete and also those which are related to local business, and many people don't know about this, When you will submit their also cleared that now are not accepting business request, Let's read full conversation for right set up yours.

How To Setup or setting For Facebook Page Before send Verification

Getting verified logo for your Facebook page not hard, If you will follow the complete instructions on Facebook, You can get it very easily, Here is must need requirement, Which you must follow before submit for verification.

Good amount of Likes above 20k is good.
A website which related to your page.
An email, Not necessary,

About Section setup Before send it to Verification

The about section is very important, You must complete about section, because its most noticed by developers.  You can see below, screen shot.

Sitemap     - Give sitemap By Giving right address, With Pin Code.
About        - Give site link, Phone number, and 3 keywords of your page.
Biography  - Give your site link of About section or About us.
Description - Give all keywords of your page means about page.
Impressum - Give your site link only

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setup Facebook Page Before send it to Verification image photo

Setup Basic Info for verifying Facebook Page

Joined - Give date of joined or you can give Estimated date.
Affiliation - Give two or three keyword about your site.
Awards   -  A best post link of your site or any achievement link.
Price Range - $$$
Personal Information - Your information.
Personal Interests - You can add any.
Life event -  You can add any Life event if you have.

Facebook Page Cover

It should be related to your site, Best if you design with yourself.
Add picture related to your site, also best if you design with yourself.

Category - Don't use business category, because still business category not accepted.

Visit For - How To Create Best Facebook Cover For Your Page And Timeline

Some instruction for verification a Page

Guys, if you will follow these setting sure, You will get positive result, But don't send again and again request, May be, this social networking site will block or page to verification feature, and again and again, sending request can make a spam, so trying to get best result you must, complete setting or setup,  So just follow our some easy instruction then send for verification, sure, you will get positive result. If you have any problem in verification method, or you have any issue of verification, then just ask us by commenting below.

Friday, August 22, 2014

How To Create Best Facebook Cover For Your Page And Timeline

How To Create a Best Facebook Covers For Your Page or  How To Create a Best Facebook Covers For Your  Facebook timeline is many friends need, So everyone trying to get Best site for download Facebook cover  and best online tool for make Facebook covers. If you are using this social networking site sure you will need this also, So don't worry today in this article we are sharing a best site for give you complete collection of Facebook covers and online cover tool free, Here you can enjoy any thing related all Facebook covers like love, friends, devotional, funny, attractive, amazing, stylish, double meanings, attitude, nature, cities, different counties, actress, actors, politicians, players, footballer, spaces, and many more, Most thing is that using this you can create own with your own text, its really amazing blog, First when i was see this site, then me like so much and decided to share with you.

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How To Create Best Facebook Covers For Your Page Timeline image photo

How to Get Best Facebook Covers for make Unique timeline

As you know we are always trying to share only related to this social networking site, so most people are trying to clear their issues from us, I means to say you that there are many sites which providing you many type Facebook cvr for your page and also for you personal account 's timeline, But if you will not on most sites, mostly shared similar and not in quality, Now days unique things are going most popular in social sites. And unique things getting more impressions, So for get more likes on your cvr and attract more peoples you must use something unique picture and timeline, In this article, you can get that best site for getting all type unique also. So get cover from this site and make your Page and timeline Unique.

You Can design A Facebook Cover Using This with Your Text

As you know that, there are many sites, Where we can get many types Facebook covert photos for our Page timeline and personal account timeline, But you know designed is looks more beautiful and its helping us to make unique our page and time line look, And you know unique things get more impressions on any social networking site, Using this site you can design a Facebook cover for your Timeline and also for Page, Just give a effect to your friends using this and get more publicity. Let's try this and create something amazing,

How to Choose best Facebook Cover

Regularly if you will install in your page or your timeline, download and upload and crop method are you using, But using this site just just choose your favorite and click on make cover and done. Lets follow below some easy steps and do it more easily.

  • There you can get all Types amazing for page and timeline.
  • You can send a cover to your friends using send friend option.
  • Just select any image and click on Make cover and done.

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Create Best Facebook Covers For Your Page Timeline image photo

How To Create a Facebook Cover with own Text 

  • Just select any image for design with yourself and with your Text.

  • You can upload your own image for adding text and images with stylish Fonts.

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Tool for Create Best Facebook Covers For Your Page Timeline image photo

  • You can use many color backgrounds, and also effects very easily.

  • Just Go and use its many features, Sure you will enjoy this.

Video Tutorial for Create Facebook Cover stylish

friends this is a simple and easy to use tool, Just go and enjoy this, you can easily do it by giving 5 minutes to this tool, If you not understanding about this then just follow our video tutorial, using this you can understand more easily.

Any Help Needed on cover design ?

With step to step text guide and with YouTube video tutorial, I think you will not get any issues, may be if you have any question, then just ask us we will trying to reply, your answer as well as soon. Finally thanks for visit and keep our blog for more.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Link For Verify Facebook Page for Get Logo Working official

Link For Verify a Facebook Page for Get verified Logo on your Facebook page Working official method today we are sharing with you, After share on How to Submit Facebook Page for Request a Verified Badge or Logo today we are including more detail in this series, Last year this social networking site start a program or include a feature for business and also for personal page. Actually, now Facebook is not only a social networking site, Now it's so advance, Now you can use this social networking site for many purposes,  Its biggest part of online marketing, If you don't know about How To use Facebook for Business promotion than visit that article and get more information, You know now days this is so popular i means to say verify tricks every one needs but there are no one link before some time for verify,  Today we are introducing about that link which recently given by this social site.

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Link For Verify Facebook Page for Get Logo Working official image photo

How Can I Verify Facebook Page for Get Logo

First time Facebook was giving verify a page for high profile people, politicians, celebrities, big players, or any other high popular peoples. After some time now Facebook announce to give these features for all users, Actually, this social networking site just implanting this feature everywhere, but not fully, So now its in testing mode, In some country, its fully added and some country its on progress, So everyone trying to get this feature in their own personal or business page, many friends also asking us for this, So by this article today we are reply to my all friends that you can verify your personal page right now, Now and you can also get a verify logo in your business or personal.

Requirement for Verify Facebook Page for Get verified Logo

Page verify feature is a new feature for all, So most people don't know about real set up to verify, Actually, this social networking site giving a policy to verify, and most people don't know right setup. So most people getting same, means not accepting email from developer team, I am just giving you an example which not accepted, and responded by this social site.


Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant this request, as this is not eligible for verification at this time. Please note that our criteria for verification is based on a number of factors that we do not disclose at this time.
For more information, please visit

Mentions Team

So avoid this Email in your inbox, you must complete it, after then just send you it to developer team to get verified. Just follow easily instructions, Then let's complete all information of about it and get verify logo very easily.

Setup before submit Facebook page to verify

Before submitting your page for getting a verify logo or badge, you must complete a information of about it, Here i mention some useful things which should be completed by you before submission to verify.
  • Complete all Information on your Page.

  • Your Page must have above 20K Likes.

  • Also select the right category and sub category,

  • Give an official website link also email.
  • Page should be always or daily updating.
  • Add a Facebook like a box in Your website.
  • Use Facebook ads service for Better result.
  • Don't share any spamming content on your page.
  • Mention all description of your services briefly.
  • Government-issued photo ID or articles of incorporation

Note - Your Business not verifying yet, So wait for some days for Business Page.

Submission Link To send Facebook Page for Verify

Recently, Facebook public a link where we can send our fan page request for verifying another all personal and also business, Then just send your request after complete information and get verify logo and enjoy.

1- First go to 

2 - After going there,  Now you will see like below screen shoot.

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Link For Verify Facebook Page for Get Logo image photo

3 - Just Give your Fan Page and official site's link and Identity card.

4 - After send, you will get a confirmation popup for Submission.

5 - After some time you will get a response from the team.

What i Do If Facebook Verify Page request If Not Accepted 

Unfortunately, if your Facebook Fan page request was deign by team, then don't worry, just wait for 2 week, and watch carefully or find out any uncompleted part of your page, Increase more likes and updated daily and increase people reach on your post. Then resend it to team for get verify. Don't send quickly means in a week, so wait some time and follow these instructions and enjoy.

If you have any question on Facebook Page verification

We hope, we are cleared all questions which grow up in this process, by the way, if you have any question which we are not cleared or any issue then just comment below. We will trying to update your reply as well as soon, Thanks for the visit and keep it for more new updates of Facebook.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to Submit Facebook Page for Request a Verified Badge or Logo 2015

How to Submit Facebook Page for Request a Verified Badge or Logo 2015 or How to Request a Verified Badge or Logo For Facebook Page method all Facebook Page owner need, We were many article shares on How to verify Facebook page for getting a verified logo and many others, These all method works indirectly, But today we are sharing with you a complete and right way which shared by Facebook for submit your Facebook page to get Verified Badge or logo.  You know that this was a very big issue for all. After include this feature means verified logo feature. All people trying to get, But this social networking site wasn't shared any helpful link or supporting links for submission. So people just searching for this, but without right supporting links, No one can verify easily, After a long wait this social networking site  share that link which we are waiting from one year, lets read more about this.

How Can I verify My Facebook Personal or Business Page

Before sharing this article, Many friends ask us that they How can verify their personal page or their Business page. As you know now that online marketing is very competitive, If you are promoting your business on this social site then you must need a Page, to make more reliable, now this social networking site  included Verified feature. So if you wanna more effective business ,then you must need verified, Before this not easy, But now you can do it very easily, So let's read more about required for this and get it.

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Submit Facebook Page for Request a Verified Badge or Logo 2015 image photo

Requirement For Before Request a Verified Badge or Logo

Before share this article, We was also shared many information of requirement like business email and sites, These all information required before share this method, Means using Adword services we can verify before this, But after share right way means official way now you need only few a things for verified.

For submission request of Facebook Page you need : -

Government-issued photo ID or articles of incorporation

Your Govt ID Card, ( Any legal Govt Identity Card)

A Website of related to your Facebook page
An email if you have ( Not necessary )

How to Submit Facebook Page for Request a Verified Badge or Logo

Before submitting your Facebook page for getting verified badge or logo , you must follow some policies of this social networking site, Actually many people just creating celebrities and players Page, and that are not accepted by this social networking site , So get success you must follow something.

  • Don't request any celebrity pages,

  • Fill complete information about your Page.

  • Complete about information on Page.

  • Give Your Site Link.

  • Give a Facebook like Box in your Site.

Visit For  - How To Add Like us on Facebook Button for Blogger Site

Link for submission Facebook Page To get verified

Ok has now come to the real point of this article.

First, go on below help, contact Page. 

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Form for Request a Verified Badge or Logo 2015 image photo

  • There you see three options for fill.

  • First just Choose your Page.

  • Second give a your legal Identity card of Govt.

  • Third after then add your Official sites link.

  • After then click on send button and done.

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success Form for Request a Verified Badge or Logo 2015 image photo

You will receive an email after some time.

success email Form for Request a Verified Badge or Logo 2015 image photo

Now you can enjoy.

YouTube Video Tutorial For  Verified Facebook Page

Guy's We hope you will enjoy this trick, Just Subscribe US and Like our Page For More awesome tips and tricks on this social networking site,  This is right and working Official method which shared this social networking site. Finally, thanks for, visit our blog and keep it for more new information about Facebook. Press Control + D for bookmark our blog. If you have any question about this article then please ask us, We will trying to reply your answer as well as soon possible, If you need any tips and tricks on this social networking site, then just request us by commenting below,
Special Thanks to 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Facebook Phone Number For contact to Developers or Owners

Facebook Phone Number Search and Facebook Phone Number  List is very useful for all for more information on your issues, After sharing on How to find people on Facebook By Email Phone City Name and also complete article on How To Contact Facebook by Phone or Email for Report, Today we are talking about this.  Now days Fb is changing many features of their user, These changes, giving for make this social site more useful and also more make more user friendly. Actually, now fb trying to make or wanna attract more peoples for connecting to this social networking site, He wanna make this a best platform for promoting your business and also more effective for online business, So it's giving now a limited facility to connect its developers. Let's read more about this and get more useful information for connecting to fb by their mobile or Phone Number.

How can I Connect to Facebook

As you know Facebook is providing you a good forum for solve their issues, If you have any issues or getting problem on using this social networking site by many questions and answers, But there are many issues which complacently, not solved or they are something new and also appearing when fb changing their user policies and terms, So for this our many fans also asking us that how to connect fb developers and what's there Facebook phone number to connect to its developers. So today we giving a short guide on this topic may be it will help you.

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Facebook Phone Number  guide image photo

There is any Phone Number for Connect Facebook

Now days this social site is experimenting with many projects, So now he adds a mobile number for customers' issues everywhere in the world, Recently fb is experimenting with some countries, Now this facility available in USA's and UK's some cities, After some time it will live everywhere in the world. So in this article we are sharing some Facebook phone numbers which can help you to call  Fb owners. Let's read more and get more information about Facebook Phone number little information.

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New Facebook Phone Number  guide image photo

Facebook Phone Number For Contact to FB

For Worldwide FB Number : 6505434800

For Indian Toll Free   1800 258 2590 

Email Id:

USA Head Office Of  FB

* Phone:  650 543 4800    * Fax:     650 543 4801   * Press:   650 5434811

Fb, Inc.
# 471 Emerson St.
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605
United States

Head Office of  FB for Indian Users

Thomson Reuters
# Hi -tech City Main Rd,
Vittal Rao Nagar,
Andhra Pradesh, 
Pincode 500081

Final Word on Facebook Phone Number Updates 

Guy's we hope you will enjoy these contact numbers on this social networking site. You know that this social site always updating their database, If you get a new updated phone number, then please suggest us, We will also try to update our articles for better information about Facebook Phone numbers, Finally, thanks for visiting our blog and keep it for more new and working tutorials on this social networking site. If you think that it's also useful for your friends, then just share with your friends.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Facebook Contest Ideas to Gain Fans and Page likes all

Facebook Contest Ideas to gain fans and for increase likes for small businesses and also for other many friends nee. After share on Facebook Contest Rules with Tips Full Guide 2014 and also on Best Steps To Launching A Effective Facebook Sweepstakes today we are talking about Facebook Contest Ideas, As most of you  guys know that Facebook is well known social networking website among internet users and millions of user are already active member of this top and trending social website. Normally most of the people are using in order to keep in contact with their friends or family members or other people and some people use it for connecting with their fans and followers etc.

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Facebook Contest Ideas to gain fans and likes all image photo

Contest Ideas for Facebook Pages

On the other hand few people are using it in order to promote their products or online business through Facebook ads among in order to grow their online community and get targeted traffic and targeted customers as well. One of the great way to promote your business is considered as promotions. If you are looking out for some best and top brilliant contest ideas for Facebook then you should need to read this guide. Through offering on your Facebook page means, asking your fans or followers to enter into through this:

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Facebook Contest Ideas  image photo

Liking the post

Posting a photo

Leaving a comment etc.

Since you are new in running  on this social networking site and looking for some best ideas for this purpose then you ideas that are mentioned below might be helpful for you.

Top Best Effective 8 Facebook Contest Ideas

Have a look at the useful Facebook contest ideas that might be helpful for you that are mentioned below:

1. Like to Win
It is one of the easiest method which allows users to enter into contest through liking the post. As the name suggests, that users need to like your page or post if they want to win the contest.

2. Comment to Win
To make your business grow larger on this social networking site, it is also another simple way of engaging people and attracting them to enter into contest.
Well you can allow the fans both they normally need to leave a comment or whether they will need to answer a specific question and the random winner will be selected.

3. Like and Win Contest
Some of the marketers are using this amazing method and offers freebies to their fans or followers and ask them to like and comment for making their pages more popular and engaged among the users. Fans need to like and comment in order to win the contest held on your Facebook page.

4. Caption Contest
Caption contest is creative way of getting more target customers for your business and this one is trending and most popular method that brings a lot of fun and shows the creativeness of different people. Well winner select depends upon you whether you will need to pick the winners yourself or you need to say that a comment with most likes wins the contest.

5. Fill in the blank contest
Well this is considered as one of the another great way of promoting your Facebook fan page or business through Facebook pages. What you need to do is to use photos in order to grab attention of people on this social networking site and caption the photo with that of incomplete sentence. Always try to pick a theme that fits according to your brand because it might be more effective for you
6. Photo Contest
Photo contest is also good and much popular way to get huge fans through organizing photo contest.  You need to ask fans to submit their favorite photo via Facebook message or submit on your Facebook page and winner will be randomly picked.
I hope you found these tips helpful and amazing for you mentioned in this guide about this. If you have any queries or suggestions regards this guide, do let us know in.

Final words on Contest Ideas of Facebook

In this article, we have shared an amazing Facebook contest ideas that you should need to try out on Facebook for growing your business or product quickly. For better understand you must follow  these Ideas rules also, If you have any question or suggestion on these Ideas then ask us, We will trying to update our article for make more useful. If you like this useful article then please share with your friends for support us.