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Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 10 Most Liked Facebook Pages 2014 in the World

Most liked Facebook showing there popularity, In last we was also share on Top most liked page on Facebook 2014, Now we are starting big series for most like Facebook pages of celebrities, footballers, players, models, politicians and many more popular things of the world, You know that Facebook allowed to make only five thousand friends in any personal account, You know that making 5000 friends on Facebook is not hard, You can make also make easily, But we are normal person so it more for us, But if you are a celebrity then its look very low, I means to say that celebrity have more fans so they no create any personal account they just make a fb page, By there official page there fans can connect with him. There are no limits for this, So today we are talking about similar celebrities most liked page which have really real and high amount of impressions, Just read more.

As a Person Sakira' is on Top in Most Liked Page on Facebook

From Last year Sakira is taking top place as the most popular person on Fb,  In top most liked Facebook's list its taking third list, but first tow are not related to a person, First tow are is Fb for very phone and second is fb's official page, So we can give top place to Sakira the great musician or singer. Recently Footballer player like Messi and Neymar also get many likes, but they don't cross Sakira,

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Top 10 most liked Facebook pages 2014 in the World image photo

Michael Jackson Official also in Top 10 Most Liked Page List

The great dancer and singer Michael Jackson, No one forger this man, you now that Michael Jackson is not with us but their presents we can feel by their fans, If you will explore of top 10 most liked page, then you will find Michael Jackson also,  So we can say it the real or most popular person of fb.
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Top 10 most liked Facebook pages 2014 in the World image photo

List Of Facebook's Top 10 Most liked Pages 2014

Rank  Name                          Total Likes   Weekly Growth     Daily Growth

10     The Simpsons                       71,717,070   +155,666              +22,210    
9     Michael Jackson                    72,133,022  +362,873              +41,962  
8     Cristiano Ronaldo                    76,786,141  +448,098              +52,956
7     YouTube                                    78,947,450        +103,068             +13,527 
6     Coca-Cola                                 80,905,045        +311,955             +32,848
5    Eminem                                    84,660,986        +494,914             +66,106
4     Rihanna                                     86,462,819        +134,589              +18,811
3     Shakira                                     87,849,760         +993,727              +134,672
2     Facebook                                  144,365,483        +445,543              +68,665      

1     Facebook for Every Phone      413,741,416  +3,832,024           +539,003          

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Final words Of Top 10 Facebook Most liked Page Report

Guy's we hope you will enjoy this collection and also may be useful for your knowledge, This collection we are getting from many sources of news and updates of, If you have any question about this collection, then please comment below, If you need more about celebrities top likes and others than keep visit our blog, Thanks for visit this social networking blog and keep it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

How To Do Marketing on Facebook For Free

How To Do Marketing on Facebook with free of charge very useful for all, You can use Facebook for Business promotion free, You can do it with after make a Facebook company page, Every one know that now business is not limited because its very competitor platform, Before some time people just advertise on banner or hording, news paper or other entertainments platforms, But now its not limited, Now if you get ride on business then you must ride on all platforms, Because you know that there are many marketing companies are arising now days, so keep stand on a best place is too hard, People are trying to get new ideas and method for get more customer for there products, But its not easy so you must follow all strategies for better marketing, So let's read ,more about this and get more success.

Facebook Online Marketing Tips and Tricks

As you know that tips and tricks in every filed more popular, Actually using the tips and tricks you can get more effective and more fast any things, Using tricks you can use many features which normally you can get easily without tricks. As  internet tips and tricks are most popular among the peoples, So to be continued for better effect you must use Facebook marketing for better result, So just go our this complete article on Facebook Online Marketing Tips and Tricks for getting on online marketing with Facebook.

How To Do Marketing on Facebook For Free image photo

Why Facebook is The Best Place for Online Marketing

This is best question may be appearing in you mind if are you reading this, Actually there are many social sites in the world, Then why our must use Facebook for business promotion or for marketing, Then i wanna tell you many reasons for select Facebook for online marketing, Facebook is one of biggest social networking site which have above 900 millions active and not active users,  Another benefit of Facebook is that its world wide social networking site, without some counties its in top five sites, So you can target your marketing any where in the world so easily, i means you can promote a Facebook page to your targeted customers,

How To Make a Facebook company page For Marketing

If you prompt any thinks from social networking sites then you must need a platform for share you product and offers with your customer or with your fans, Actually you can do marketing by your Fb personal account, but it will very limited its no more effect your business, So for this you must create a Facebook company page, Using this you can share about your product and people cab easily connect with you, So better making your company page is very useful then just follow our link and make it.

How To Do Marketing on Facebook For Free image photo

Use Facebook Insight For get Complete Performance of Your Marketing

For collect more advertiser or make Facebook more useful for online marketing now days Facebook trying to give many awesome and useful features for their users. Using this you can get demographic reports of new likes, post reach and many others with useful graphs,  So for better result you must watch this free tools report, Sure it will help you more in Online Facebook Marketing.

How to Promote a Your Business Page Free for Marketing 

Here is some tips for which can help you promote a Facebook page with free, Actually, after making the best Facebook page, you need to promote this, There are many things which affect your business page promotion, Most people are using Facebook Page promotions, premium services, Yes that is really so effective, but if you have no more money or you wanna use without paying, Then you can use it,  There are many tips if we follow them, then we can get a positive result without paying, Just our this complete article on this and get it.

How to Get Free Facebook Page Likes Fast for Marketing Page

After making complete marketing Facebook page you should collect more likes, Actually when people will like your page they will connect with your marketing page, So you must get more likes, It will help you to spread your marketing page, So must trying to get targeted likes, means if your customers from Indian and you are getting the likes From USA then its no effect your marketing, So Always trying to get targeted likes with specific place where your customers living.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

How To Read or See Facebook Messages Without Opening Them Trick

How To Read a Facebook Message SMS or MSG Without Opening very interesting trick, Many people need this for privacy or any other purposes, recently we share on How to Save Facebook Post For Read Later New Feature, you may also like that, Today we are talking about reading your Facebook message or messages without opening it, It's really amazing but using Facebook tips and tricks 2014 you can do it very easily, You know that using a trick we can do many things without spend more time or using tricks we can do many thing which we can't do simply, And you know that fb tricks or internet tricks are most popular among the peoples, So let's read more about a awesome fbk trick which i think you might not know.

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How To Read or See Facebook Messages Without Opening image photo

How Can help This see Watch Facebook SMS without Open

If you are thinking that how can  help this trick because Facebook provide us full permission for open its, Why I use this, and what else about this, So I wanna say you that its only an educational tricks, Just use it for fun and enjoying this social networking site, actually our many friends asking us for this, That how can open my Facebook massages without opening them so today we are sharing this for our these friends which always trying to get something different from others on this social networking site.

How to Read Facebook Messages without opening it

If are you are interested to use this trick then follow us. It's too easy in short description I wanna tell you that, First we read any messages any like same or official method, After then we just make these messages as unread, So these sms showing as unread, Its work fine right now.

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  • First, go to your Facebook Profile

  • Now just click on Message tab.

  •  Now Open that message and read it.

  • After reading that message this just click again on Message Sign.

  • Now just click on Mark as unread and done.

  • Then it will showing like unread messages.

Final words on Watch messages without opening

Guys, I hope you will enjoy this small tutorial for fun, ASctaully this method nothing special, We just read a MSG and after we mark it unread, So now Facebook no fixed this error, We can use this for enjoy and fun with friends for share our knowledge, If you need any working tutorial of this social site, then please comment below or MSG us for your need, We hope we will share you need in the next post, Thanks for visiting this social blog and keep it for new tutorials.


How To Verify Facebook Profile or Account For Get Blue Logo

How To Verify Facebook Profile or personal Account For Get verified Blue Logo on your timeline, But many people don't know how to submit my or your Facebook account for get verified logo, We are recently share on How to Submit My Facebook Page for Verification Get Verified Logo may you were enjoy this. Now days many social sites are appearing with us, and all are trying to give something different and also more attractive feature for their users, So all are each other competitors. So everyone is trying to give get more users, So for this they are including many features and verification for more trust or reality of accounts, I mean to say you that Facebook  trying to to read on Facebook profiles, There are many apps for Facebook Fake Profile Account Finder For Identify an Account but their report may be hundred percentage not true. So Facebook now starting this means to verify fb page for getting logo features to their users. Let's talk ahead more about this.

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How To Verify Facebook Profile or Account For Get Blue Logo image photo

Why Facebook Adding Account Verification Feature?

You know that now days fb is trying to make their users accounts more trust-able, Actually this is open source, of the internet here you can easily make any persons fake account without giving any real verified information, You know that most people are making celebrities Pages and profile easily, So it's not good for real page or profile, of this real people losing their fans, But after verify you can give proof of reality by verified logo. So it will help people to make there real account and no one can make your fake profile or account, Then it will decrease fake Facebook accounts.

How to Verify Facebook Account or Profile For realty?

Recently we was contact to Facebook developers via Facebook, Adwords Program because there are no any way to contact with this social networking site, For verify our fb fan page, Then they are ignore our request and reply us due to high amount of active users we can't verify right now, but we will auto verify this, so first you must complete your complete about me section, So when they will start an approved program for all, If you are doing all about me section you will get easily or automatically blue color verified logo.

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Some Tips For Account Verification, You may Follow

1 - First, you must Complete your about info in Your account.

2 - If you have any official website then just put it there.

3 - For better you can also give your official email like

4 - If you find that any using your fake Information then report it.

5 - For More Detail Visit below Official page of Facebook For account or profile verification.

6 - Official page  For Profile  -
                           For Page     -

Some words on Account verification

Guys, this post only helping you if are you searching for get verified Facebook account method, So I suggest you don't search, the more you can't right now, But if you are biggest celebrity then contact developer via Adwords or any other way which you get. Thanks for visiting our blog and keep it for more tutorials of verifying your personal fb account and many other useful tutorials of this social networking site. If you need any new tutorial about this social networking site than ask us by comment below.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to use Facebook Ads Manager for Mobile Introducing New Feature

Facebook Introducing a new feature for Ads Manager for mobile New Feature, You will see more about how to use Facebook, How to use Facebook Ads Manager for Mobile, As you you know that Facebook recently adding many features like the new Facebook Insight. Actually fb making there all features more user friendly, You know now social sites getting big percentage of active users, and now its also a biggest part of online marketing, I means all social networking sites like fb, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others trying to invite more Advertiser for Advertise here, So they are adding many tool which can help advertiser for get real information of ads performance, Its similar like fb insight, He is showing Facebook page predominance like reach and any other demographics report, Its showing you ads report in Mobile, because it before this you can able this performance in only your computer, let's read more about this new feature.

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Facebook Ads Manager for Mobile image photo

Introducing New Feature Facebook Ads Manager For Mobile 

Actually, now fb is trying to get more customer for advertising, So its launching many features for advertisers, before this you can't use Fb ad manager on mobile but now you can access Facebook ads manager,

  • View insights

  • Respond to alerts

  • Edit budgets and schedules

  • Pause or resume campaigns

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Get complete info for this from an official page of this  news manage Facebook ads-on Mobile

You can visit the official help center for more information also.

How can help Facebook Ads Manager for Mobile Phone

This feature can help you to access your fb adword account anywhere,  Before this you unable to access adsword in mobile, So Now you can monitor your ads performance anywhere,  Just enjoy or monitor performance in IOS, Android or any other mobile so easy. Then let's enjoy this social networking site and enjoy it.

Some words of New Feature 

Guys, this is recently updated of fb, This feature no affect you if you are not using it Adwods, But it's very important for which people using this social site for promote their business, May be it will more help you in the future and to be continue you will be seeing more features on this tool for optimize your business with effectively. Thanks for coming here and for latest news of this social site, keep coming this blog,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Save Facebook Post For Read Later New Feature Introducing

How to Save Facebook Post For Read them Later feature Introducing Facebook, many people don't know about this New save Facebook post feature, now you can save your friends' content and after then you can check out later. Time to time every social networking site, including many features to make for user friendly these social sites, You before sometime only something like search engine and video sharing site are popular, But now social sites are getting a bigger percentage of users, Now it's very compiteteor, because now days many social networking sites is launching, All are trying to get more active users, so they are adding a new feature which can attract more people, Because if you have something different from other then you will get more popularity among peoples, May be it will more liked by peoples.

Facebook launches new feature Save post read later

You know that Facebook has recently launched many new features like new Facebook page layout  also new Facebook Insight and much more. As you know every social site time to time updating their features, but Fb is going more advance in this field, You can read it more from its official news room about save on Facebook news features.

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Save Facebook Post For Read Later New Feature Introducing image photo

How can Help This New Feature Save Facebook Post to Users

After launching this social site, its getting higher popularity among the people, Because this social networking site's features are really so social, the new features also very useful fro its user's because '' If you see any article or update of friends or pages on a Facebook wall, and you are interested to read them, If on that time you are busy then you can save it, When you free then you can read it again '' Before this we was not able to save any post on our fb streams. So just save your interested post and read later when you free, It's really amazing and also may be most liked by peoples.

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Watch Video For More

How to Save Facebook Friends Updates, Post for watch, read later

  • As an official video guide its very simple to use,

  • First, go any post which you wanna save or read later.

  • Just click on Down arrow option which you will see right top side.

Save Facebook Post For Read Later New Feature Introducing image photo

  • You can see screen shot which also shown in the official video.

  • After then you will see '' Add this to your saved Places ''

Save Facebook Post For Read Later New Feature Introducing image photo

  • Now its done if you wanna read this when you free then.

  • Just click on '' Saved '' Here you will see all saved posts.

Save Facebook Post For Read Later New Feature Introducing image photo

  • Just read them and enjoy this social site.

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Final words for New Feature of Facebook of Save Post

Guy's This feature recently introducing by Fb, maybe it will live for you in a few days,  Normally now you are unable to see this feature, This information we are getting from this social networking site official news room page,  If we will get more information about this we will update them, Thanks for visit our blog and keep it for all the latest news of Fb and also all updates on this social site.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Make share Blue Text Updates and Comments on Facebook

How to Make Blue Text on Facebook using Mobile phone and Computer is amazing trick for attracting more friends on your updates, After share Funny Facebook status updates get More Likes to be continue today we are adding this in our blog, As you know on this social networking site some people trying to Get More Facebook Followers, some are trying to get more likes for their status updates, pictures and some are trying to Increase Talking about this on Facebook Page means all are using for many purposes, But all need more popularity, Every one wanna more popularity on social site, As you know there there populairty showing by there likes, shares, fan page likes, followers so every one need these things, So if you need these things also then you must follow some tips and tricks, In thiis article we are sharing a trick  using that you can get more thumbs on you status updates. Let's read more and get it.

How to get More Likes Using Blue Text Updates on Facebook

You know every second many people or your friends are sharing a status update like text updates, images, Videos or any, All are trying to get more likes on their updates, but you know that in this way every one can't get success, On every social site first law is that unique and something different, things getting are more lies, So if you also need than you must share something different from others, blue status updates also something unique, It can help you get more links than just use it and get more thumbs for more popularity.

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How to Make Blue Text Updates and Comments on Facebook image photo

How to Share Blue Text using the Mobile Phone

Most Facebook users using Android or other mobile phones, So many friends asking us that, How can I share Blue linkable text or updates on Facebook, So in short description I wanna tell you that you can use this method for Share or updates linkable blue text on Facebook using your any m=android mobile phone or window or Rios, iPod, iPhone or any othres devices, Just follow this for all screens and do it.

How to make Linkable Status update using Hashtags

Before going deeper in this article we are also introducing related something of this, Before sometime Facebook included Hashtags tag in for their features, It's also a good feature of Facebook using this we can make linkable text easily without giving any links on updates and comments. This can spread you upades for, effectively, just add # with you your main keyword and one, After adding hashtag it will show like a link.

Share Facebook Status updates and Comments in Blue Text

Before some time we can post and comment blue text using some codes, We was also shared with you many codes for making blue status updates and do blue comments, But after some time working fine now they are blocked by Facebook engineers, because these codes are aghast to Facebook policies, But today we have done this trick using Hashtag # just add before text # and done, If you need for bigger text or paragraph then you can use (_) for connecting these words, Its very simple just follow and do it.

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How to Make Blue Text Updates and Comments on Facebook image photo

Share Blue Text, Comments and Status

  • Its very simple, just add Hash # before a word and share it.

  • If you wanna more text than connect these words by

  • To Connect all words Press Shift-  Means _

  • For Example you status looks like this

  • #Just_your_status_in_blue_Text

  • You can make or use many words here.

  • Just Copy Below codes and share on your wall for better understanding or for Example.

Final words

This is no more difficult, You can do it very easily, But if you are unable to complete this then just contact us or comment below, we will try to solve any issues on completing this, If are you trying any old methods or codes for this then I wanna say you don't try that because others all methods are not working, So we eat and enjoy this. Thanks for visiting this Facebook, blog and keep it.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

How To Invite all friends on Facebook event in one click Chrome Firefox

Invite all Facebook friends to join your Facebook event in one click or using a click or at once codes for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari and internet explorer browser every one needs this, You know Facebook events are also a good feature of this social site for celebration many things using this social networking site. You know that all social sites are trying to get new features or trying to add new features which can attract more peoples, Because now no one social networking site, now is many social sites, all are competitors each others, So they adding new features and new layout also, Facebook events also most using feature of Facebook now days most people celebrating their happiness from this platform like birthday, marriage, marriage anniversary, wedding and engagement also many, making event is not hard but there are many things which every events must need, So day we are talking about that.

How to Optimize an Event for invite and Join your all friends

A prefect event completed by proper optimization, Once again I wanna tell you that creating an event is no more hard, You can easily make it in few clicks, but events' success known by join or attend more friends or people, So if you wanna that more peoples are attending  your event that you must work on optimization. If you don't know the proper way of optimizing its ok don't worry, we was a share complete article with tip for this, If you will follow that articles all steps and tips sure you will get more friends on your Facebook events, than lets try and get it using below link for this.

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How To Invite all friends on Facebook event in one click image photo

Working codes Script for Invite all Facebook friends on Facebook Event

Internet is free for use means there are no special proof for share working codes or scripts or any method, So every one easily can share here unwanted codes and method which not working,  If you will search code or script for invite all Facebook friends on event, then you will see many result, but after try you will find that most are not working and taking your useful time, But don't worry today we are sharing with you complete and fast working codes using that you can inform your all friends for attend your event.

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How to Invite All Friends to Like a Page event on Facebook at Once image picture

How to Invite all friends on Facebook event in Google Chrome

If are you using world most popular also my favorite browser, Than its better for you, You know Google is the fasted browser so its this trick work very fast from another.

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  • First Login your Facebook account.

  • After then going to on an event page where you wanna invite.

  • Just click on Invite and scroll down with all friends.

  • After then click on Join and after then click on Invite friends.

  • Now simply copy below codes for invite an event.

  • After then just press Control + Shift + J and click on Console.

  • Now simply using Control + V paste all codes and wait for few second.

  • Your all friends will selected just click on invite and done.

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Final Words on Friends invite on an Event

Guys, this method similar as page so you can use this method or trick in your page also, But we wanna tell you that it's not an official method so use it with your responsibility, If you have any question from this tutorial than ask us by comment below, If you need any codes of one click trick than comment below, Thanks for visit our blog and keep it for more.