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Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Can use Facebook Account for Business Marketing

Market on Facebook For Business is very easy to grow up your Business, So Best Facebook Promotions is very useful. Facebook is considered as one of the top most and best social media platform and social networking site which is mostly used by internet users and currently it is having daily active users in billions. Normal people or internet users only use Facebook for just contacting and chatting with their friends or relatives or for any fun purpose. While on the other hand most of the business persons uses this top social media networking website for promoting their business easily.

This is the main reason why people always love to advertise their products or brands on Facebook among Facebook users because of different things like increasing their online sales make a specific brand popular through Facebook advertising, promoting your products among Facebook users and also letting people to say something about your brand or product qualities to others. So it is always a good idea to use your Facebook account for business marketing purpose for getting advantage of different business marketing benefits.

How Can use Facebook Account for Business Marketing image photo

How to use Facebook for business marketing

As I already mentioned above that for business people Facebook is one of the top social platform to promote their business or brand or product easily. It can help the business owners to spread the word about their brands, increase the sales of their products easily through  advertising and promotions.

If you are one of those who are also a business person and want to know more about how you can use your account for business marketing then this guide will be helpful for you to learn more about these things.

Fundamentals of Business Promotion on Facebook

If you are one of those people who is looking to promote his/her business through using this social site then you will first need to know about the some of top fundamentals that you need to setup for business promotion success. Also in order to meet specific kind of goals, you can also focus on your activity as well.

The activities are mentioned below one by one respectively so that you guys can easily understand about them:

1. Setting up your Page

2. Identifying your audience

3. Creating compelling content

4. Advertising

5. Measuring and Adjusting

So these are the five basis fundamentals that you first need to setup before going for success easily.

How to use Facebook for business promotion

Do you have any idea who gets benefit from the advertising on here or marketing? Most of the times small business promotion is really effective on this platform to get more sales and making your products popular on here easily. Because Small business always offers unique service and unique products to the small range or targeted users and provide a better option to reach their exact and targeted audience easily with personal approach easily.

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How Can use Facebook Account for Business Marketing image photo

How to use Facebook for marketing

Now if you have planned to target customers instead of businesses then Facebook is best choice for you. Below we are sharing some useful and effective methods that will help you to promote your business easily through Facebook. All the tips and guides are mentioned below:

1. The very first thing that you will need to keep in mind is that why you are going to join Facebook? And what will be your plans or strategies to use it for promotion? For example you can use Facebook in order to find out local customers for your product or building up relationships with your clients.

2. Another great idea or great step is to setup a fan page for your business. You will need to complete the details such as website link, overview of your product/brand/company and description about your product or brand while setting up fan page.

3. Third thing that you need to focus for marketing on Facebook is that try to drive visitors to your Fan pages from other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus etc. You need to put the details of your fan page on your website and on other social media websites so that your readers can also come to your fan page.

4. Keep your page active and keep connected with audience or local customers. You can also offer different giveaways and freebies to your audience to get more audience.

Can I start Facebook for Business promotion?

Yes you can start your business promoting on Facebook right now to make your brand or product famous or increasing sales easily. So this was a detailed guide about promoting your business online through advertising or promoting on Facebook easily and letting people know about your brand or product easily. I hope you liked this detailed guide and found it useful for you. If you have any queries or suggestions regards this article, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Monday, October 20, 2014

How to Increase Facebook Photo likes Free

Increase Facebook Photo likes very useful for get more popularity with friends, So Every one trying to get free likes on Facebook photos status updates, If you wanna also increase Facebook photos likes free than just read this article, Getting more likes on any status update or funny showing real popularity of a people, But now people are using autolikers for get more likes, But they are not safe most people don't about this, So  you must try basic tips and tricks for gain Facebook photo likes.

On this social site people wanna many things,  Here we can find many new local friends and also other countries friends, Business promotions also many,  Now every social sites are getting biggest part of people's daily time. So this platform we can say most affecting to any people life. Due to this people are tying to get more information and tips and tricks of this social site, which we are always shearing with you.

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How to Increase Facebook Photo likes Free Image Photo

How to get Popularity on Facebook?

Popularity is biggest word for every one because everyone wanna more Popularity in their everyday which they like, So Facebook user also need this, Actually Facebook is most using social networking site, Here we can promote any thing, I means to say you that if you wanna promote your birthday or success, using this platform you can spread that, Facebook promotion will give you more if you impress your fans on your updates,

On this platform you will get Popularity by many things but if you are getting more likes and comments on your updates like status, image, photos or any events than its will showing, That you are very popular, So for better popularity you must get more photo likes.

How to Increase Facebook Photo likes Free Image Photo

Ge More Like By Sharing Unique Photo or image on Facebook

How Many People Use Facebook Worldwide is not fix because day by day its amount fastly increasing, So every one second sharing millions update by Facebook users, Most are sharing status and photo, and you know everyone trying to get more likes on their photo, So high amount of photo making bounce rate of ant update, So first you must decrease bounce rate by share something unique, let know about this.

Increase Likes by Reduce Bounce rate of Photo updates

If you thinking what is bounce rate of Facebook photo updates, Bounce rate means any friend or another Facebook user not focusing you photo updates, because your photo update not attracting any person, So for reduce you photo updates and get more likes on photo updates you must share something unique and also more attractive photo on you timeline and on page updates.

How to Increase Likes on Facebook Photos

By Unique photo - Unique thing is getting most impression every where in the world, You know that India is second biggest country of the world, here is many things but its also known for Tajmahal, So for attract more people on your photo, you must share something unique from others.

Funny Photos  -  funny thing giving laugh and fresh mind, So every one liking funny things, So better result of impression you must share Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes, its one of best way and working all days of the year.

Latest Trends -  Always keep mind latest trends, You know most people are crazy to latest affairs, So you must know about latest news or viral things which more wanna know, If they will see about latest trends update, then they will give you impression and also their comments.

Fake Like  - Fake like is biggest headache for this social site, There are many Facebook autolikers now days you can see and also most are free, You can get high amount and also unlimited likes using Facebook auto liker, I wanna say you that if you will use auto liker then your access token of Facebook will take by owner, may be they mis-use your token, So its my suggestion don't use this.

Tag Different Friends - Photo tagging is best feature of Facebook for notice your update to your friends on their notification bar, So you must always share your photo with different friends, If you will tag same friends always than they can report your tag and may be you will block for some days to tag. Now you can Tag More Than 50 Friends on Facebook Photo so it will give you more opportunity for spread your picture.

Use Hash tag - Hash tag is really awesome feature of social sites, This social also providing you hash tag feature, If you will use hash tag in your photo description, Then it can boost your photo with more friends, It will help you to increase more impression.

Free tips for Increase more Likes on Facebook photo

For better understand you must always trying to get new ideas for post, share always something different from last day, Also trying to share random post status update, photo or image, videos, and use hash tag for spread you content with more Facebook users. Trying to get new tips and tricks of this social site from our blog and Increase Facebook Photo likes free.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015

Facebook Photos also can help in get , Photos most liked on Facebook,  You its also help us to Increase Likes on Facebook, We was shared many article in this series after give Top 10 Facebook Images of The Year, People also need more about top Facebook pictures, new popular images, Latest trends images, also trends top 10 pictures of actress, actors, Bollywood stars, Hollywood stars football players, cricket players, natures and also many others

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Today we are taking about something different categories pictures of this social networking sites. Its can help you in many things which we are also discussing in next paragraph. You know every social media sites know by their some special features, Similar Facebook also known for their many sharing features like as videos, photos, status and any other, So if you need something best collection for share on your wall then just follow us.

Get More Facebook Like by sharing something Unique

On Facebook, people first trying to get likes, second comments, and last followers,  So if you are also user of this biggest social media site then i think you will need this also, If you don't know about How to get more likes on this social sites without doing more work, Then don't worry here some instruction which can help you, So always trying to share something unique and most liked picture because they will give you more impressions.

Actually on this platform you must share some thing new from others also more unique for get more likes, But their are some pictures which most liked on this social site, Which can take best place in top Facebook photos, Here are some these collection which also can help you to get more likes on this social networking sites, Let's know more about this and get it.

World's Top 10 Facebook Photos which most Liked

World's top 10 things are not fix, Similar likes that top 10 best Facebook photos are also not fix, We can divided top 10 photos in many categories like actor, funny, sad, love, also many more, But here we are sharing these photos which we are often seeing on this social sharing site, and also most are getting more likes on every updates, So we can say it that its top photos which getting more likes,  So if you will share below photos may be you will get more positive result by getting more likes.

Funny Swimming 

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Sunny Leon

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Honey Singh

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Funny Impression 

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Real Use

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Narendra Modi

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo


Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo


Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo


Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo


Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Copyright of Top photos of Facebook

Friends above collection we are collect from many sources likes Facebook friends wall post, page post, groups post and also any others Facebook sharing platform, Actually there are no more special method for get top photos, Or we not found any survey for this, And you also know that top 10 things not provided by any one, Its future fix bye people interest, If you have a any copy right issue on above pictures and you wanna remove from our site, then just tell about your copyright and we will remove your copyright image from our collection, thanks

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How To Add or Post Stickers on Facebook comments

Add Stickers on Facebook comments now very easy, Now you can post Facebook funny stickers on any comment, Now you can post stickers on Comments using Android, Mobile phone window mobile, Computer and any mobile and computer browser, Its making more attractive to Facebook also help you to share your feeling by stickers. You can also see older post for New Funny love Facebook chat sticker, For install new stickers.

As you know that Facebook is always updating website, On this platform you will see that, Day by day you are seeing many new feature for its users, Its yearly updating timeline, page timeline, many new privacy and security updates, hash tag and more others. You know most updates are very liked by peoples. So lets know this new update of this social site and get it.

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How To Add or Post Stickers on Facebook comments image photo

Can I Post or share Stickers Directly on Facebook Friends Comments 

Before this change we can share picture and photos on comments by uploading through your mobile or computer, This take more time and also not easy very time. For this if you have not any emotions in your mobile or pc then you can't do. But now its more easy.

Similar chat  method now you can directly share your emotion and feeling by chat emotions, Most attractive thing its posting by one click, So now you can enjoy this social networking site with more funny and attractive comments emotions. let's know step to step method for this.

Facebook Comments Tools You may like 

If you need more awesome features or tips abd tricks of this social networking site than you can also visit our many tools, Which are giving you many type comments and status update generators, They will help you to share something different text from others, So for this just visit - Best Facebook Tools For Page Chat Timeline and For All

How to Post Stickers on Facebook Comments

This is not hard also very simple, Its similar like post image or photos on comments. Before this if you wanna post any Stickers on a Facebook comments, Then first you need to download them in your device drive, After then you can upload it, But now this social site make it more easy. now you can share sticker similar like chat means, You can live sticker in a click just follow.

- First you Choose any post where you wanna share Sticker.

- Then Click on Emotion button near by camera Icon.

How To Add or Post Stickers on Facebook comments image photo

- After Then just select any one as your Choice and click on it.

- Now its done, You can see sticker on comment.

Final words on Funny Stickers News

Its recently launched news, So in this post we are not more information of how to stuff guide, If you find any new information of this, Or you need any how to guide on Stickers download, new install, or any other then ask us, We will share your need as well as soon, If you think that this article useful for your friends, So please share this useful News of this social networking site with your friends,  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How To Make Money Using Facebook Page with Tips

How to make money using a Facebook Fan Page, Or How to Earn Money Using Facebook Without Invest by your fan page likes is very interesting trick or method for get more money using your Facebook Page post and their likes.  So if you wanna enjoy earning with enjoying your favorite social site, Now you can get it. As you know that online tips, tricks for earning now days going more popular among internet users, Now days most people trying to convert their hobby into job,  This tricks can give you some money without spend no more time and without invest.

Online marketing on Facebook give us biggest chance to make money, The Top Best Facebook marketing strategy for Businesses is completed by Facebook page promotions, So if you know top 10 ways to Promote Facebook Page, It will give you more fans and more active users, all sponsors need only this. So let's try to attract more sponsorship for your page, and make more money using your Facebook fan page.

How To Make Money Using Facebook Page with Tips image photo

How Can I Earn Money Using My Facebook Fan Page?

Online earning now days more popular, If you will search on the net then you will find many ways for online earning without invest money, You can make money using Blogger, Data entry, by content writing, web design, by clicking and many more others and another is Facebook.

Facebook is biggest social site, most people are daily using this, Its also second biggest platform which give you best advertising places also world wide,  Now most are asking us about make money using Facebook account and page, Today we are reply to our all friends by this article, That yes you can make money using this social site by following our below special tips and tricks.

How To Make Money Using Facebook Page with Tips image photo

How to Get or Attract Sponsor for Your Facebook Page

To make money using a Facebook fan page, First you must get a sponsor or advertiser for you, Actually now days all companies trying to market their products online, Facebook also best platform for this this way, Because here they can target their customers to a specific location or geographic area,

Many companies now days trying to get these which have good amount likes or sharing related topic of their product, or they have a good amount of active users. So if you wanna attract a best high paying sponsor for you, then just follow some instruction, and get best advertiser for you.

How to make Money Using a Facebook Page with Tips and Tricks

To make money using a Facebook fan Page you must get below points and earn more -

Get More True Facebook Likes - Every sponsor wanna high traffic to their product post, High traffic or more post reach will increase by more likes. Sop first you must get real likes, Most are buying fake likes, The fake likes are bad effecting this, If you have not high post reach then its showing that you have fake likes. So trying to get above 100 k likes for get a best sponsor.

Increases Talking about This on Facebook Page  - Every one can buy fake likes easily and they can increase likes, but Talking about This of any Page never showing fake, Its showing active fans. If you have above 20k active users, Then its more attract to any advertiser, So get active user earn money using this social site.

Increase Post Reach - Post reach is the main thing which which every sooner need, You know that if any sponsor will post about their product using this, If your page have not more post reach than, Its affect negative, Every advertiser will see your post by Facebook Insights ,  So always get active likes and active fan for increase post reach.

Increase Five Star Rating on Facebook Page - Five start rating of any fan page showing activeness and also their popularity,  If your fan page has more stars then, It is showing that its good and also more useful for people, So better make money you must increase it.

Verify Your Facebook Page - You know verified badge is giving more popularity to a Facebook page, It's also attract more people and advertiser, So you can also verify if its possible. If you need then visit Complete Facebook Page Verification Detail with setup to Send and give a try.

Make Niche Marketing Topic Page -  Direct advertising mostly attracted by niche topic, If you have niche site, then you can get more sponsors post,  So for better result you can also make a Niche topic.

Complete your Page - First of all of  you must complete and also give a contact number in the about section, Always became active with your fans comment and massage,

Any Suggestion and tips and tricks for Make Money using A Facebook Page

If you have any more tips and tricks and also a useful suggestion for this article then just suggest us by commenting below. I hope you can  Earn money or Make Money Using Facebook Page by our some tips. For more new ideas of make money keep visit our blog.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes

Funny Pictures For Facebook which getting more likes we can give a bestter place in the top 10 list, Today are are sharing Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes on Facebook, you know that Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook doesn't fix, But we can make a list which also getting more likes and popularity on Facebook,  You know that social sites knowing for sharing,  All social sites are know for their specialty like some are known for video sharing, some status, some photo and allowing to share everything.

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Today we are talking about FB, Here we can share everything which is social, But you know every one wanna more liked and popularity on this social site, Because most people now days using social networking sites, So now people also wanna popularity on this platform, Funny image For Facebook also can help to get more popularity on this social site.

How To get more Likes by Funny Pictures For Facebook 

As you know social networking sites fully connected to world wide peoples, Every country one social site is popular, But you know that, This social networking site is more popular from all other, Its connected to worldwide people, also taking best place in every country's top five sites. Here all people wanna became famous, but it's very hard because, Peoples popularity showing by their likes and followers, Every one need it,

If you are searching for How To Increase subscribers, Followers on Facebook, Then its can help also,  Actually on this platform unique and funny pictures are most liked by people, If you share something unique from other or something Funny Pictures For Facebook, Then it will most attract peoples, So here is world most liked top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook, Which can give you more likes.

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook 2015

There are many categories of top pictures, No one can say any images to Top pictures, but we can add in top 10 list by more popularity, here we are sharing these images which are often seen by people and also most liked by this social site uses, So these photos can take best place in our blog's Top 10 Funny Pictures For FB. We a big experience of this social networking site,

We have many groups, pages and personal accounts with five thousands friends and biggest list of followers, When we share below listed images on our wall groups and page, Then it was getting more likes, So today we are adding these funny photos which most liked on FB. May be it will help to get more likes and comments on your wall.

List of Top Funny Pictures For Facebook

here is best list of to the Facebook funny picture, Just get and share on your wall for better impression and also show your presents with you friends, Then let's get it.

Different View 

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

You can Think

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo


Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

After 100 Year Most are Dead

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

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Everything with FB

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Anti - FB

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Youtube vs FB

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Fb Diet

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Indian Movie name with FB Activity

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Fb Addiction 

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Copyright of Top Funny Pictures For Facebook

If you talking about the world's most liked Top Funny Pictures For Facebook, Then these pictures will came many sources,  These above pictures which we are sharing are coming from many sources like  friends updates, Group updates, biggest pages and also many other sources, If you have copyright of any above funny image then just ask us with your copyright. We will remove it quickly. Finally, thanks for the  visit and keep it for more new Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Earn Money Using Facebook Without Invest 2015

How to Earn money using Facebook without invest any money online tips and tricks may be very useful for, people who wanna earn money online without investing any money.  Facebook is biggest social networking site, Its world wide social networking site which getting best place in top five sites list from last few years,  So its give many opportunity to peoples for earn more money without invest any extra money, Means you can start earning only with a internet connection,

As you know now days online earning is really amazing business, Now days people are going more professional in this field, So you can say it in the future more people choose online marketing and online earning courses, We also earning good money without investing any extra money without internet bills, So you can also get this if you are user of daily Facebook and you have more knowledge about this social networking site.

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How to Earn Money Using Facebook Without Invest Money image photo

How Can I Earn Money Using Facebook account

This question is thinking many Facebook and also many internet users, which wanna earn money online. You know that now days many people are earning more money using online stuffs, There are many ways of earning online without invest any money like blogging, data entry, marketing, social marketing, email marketing and also many other ways, If you have good knowledge on internet then you can get also earn more money without invest any money.

Similar like that you can earn using a personal account, You know that now days social media sites are more popular everywhere in the world, and Fb is top one Social media site, You can use it for many ways like making friends, photo and video sharing, Chat, for a page, Business promotions. So if you have good knowledge, then you can earn using this social networking site using our some below methods.

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How to make Money Using Facebook Without Invest Money image photo

How To Earn using Facebook Page Without Invest Money

The Facebook page is most power platform for earn money, As you know that on Facebook account, you can add only five thousand friends, After then you can add more followers but on Facebook page you can get more likes also world wide,  If you don't know then i wanna say you that now days most business companies are trying to to promote there business online by Facebook page.

If you have a high amount liked Facebook page 100k to 200k then its very helping to earn money, Just give page promotion or product promotion update on your page and also add some description about sponsors post and give a contact number for contact any sponsors for you page, Always make your page ready and clean. Clean means don't share any out category post on your page,  and also avoid spam post on your page, For better always avoid fake likes on your page.

Increase Five Star Rating and Talking about this on your page

If you need more sponsors for earn more money using your page then, you must get five star rating on your Facebook page and talking about this of your page, Talking about this showing right popularity about a page, because now every one can buy fake likes but talking about this not buying, Its real fan of  any page. If you don't know about  How to Increase  talking about this after then just follow our complete article.

Always make your Facebook page alive, I means to say active, Reply your fans comments and massages, and trying to make you page more unique and trying to make something niche topic, you know niche topic getting more sponsor now days. There are many things for earn money using Facebook, but its most popular.

How to Earn or Make Money Using Facebook Account

Yes you can also make money using your Facebook account, but its very difficult. For make money using Facebook account need more friends, but Facebook  giving only five thousand for a profile, So its difficult to promote any product though one account, But if you have more subscribers more then 500k then its can help to get any sponsor. So trying to make more subscribers and attract an sponsor for promote their business though your profile.

You can also make money using your apps. make a Facebook app useful or attractive which can give something new info about any users. Like some apps giving top massaging friends, Some are giving top liked friends info. Its can help also to grab more sponsor if that app have more popularity.

How to make Money using Facebook groups

For this you mus create a biggest group more then above 500k member. If you have biggest group then its giving many chance to attract advertiser, You can PIN you sponsor product article in your group, It will give that advertiser more visitor.

YouTube Video tutorial For Make or Earn using Facebook

There are many ways for earn online or earn money using Facebook account, page and also other. We shared some of most popular which can give you fast and more positive result. if you have any tips for this then just suggest us.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Top 10 Funny Facebook Pictures For Increase more Likes

Funny Facebook Pictures is very useful for Increase subscribers, Followers on Facebook Profile and also Increase Likes on Facebook. So today we are talking about top 10 also most most funny  Facebook Pictures or images which most liked and shared by peoples. As you know that that top 10 every thing like actor, schools, man, or popular any not fix, It's time to time updating, So we can tell you that it's did not fix but Its also attractive for share on your wall for getting more attraction on your Account.

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As you know that now days social sites are participating in every field of marketing, personal life. And also in many fields. Actually, now most people connected to social networking sites, Here people are sharing many things, but knowing for share Top 10 Facebook Images is very useful and also can help you to get more impressions, There are many images which we can see on this social site. Always people trying to share something new. Today we are giving you world Top 10 Funny Facebook Pictures

How To get More Likes by Share Funny Facebook Pictures

As you know that social sites are now days very popular, Here people can shared everything which are socials, There are many special networking sites like twitter, Google plus, Facebook and also many others. People are daily sharing here their Best Facebook status, Top cute images, funny pictures, funny videos, many sad and funny notes, special events and also many things which can share on Facebook. So every second many thousand people are sharing their updates,

Every one wanna increase more impressions on their updates. But with high amount of updates getting likes is too difficult. But share something new and also more different picture which can give you more likes, Actually something unique things most likes on this social site., If you share similar things than people not attract, But if you will share something unique than sure people will attract on your update. and that will give you positive result.

World Top 10 Funny Facebook Pictures 2015

Selecting top 10 funny picture not easy for every one, Here we are these pictures which we was share on our timeline and our page which was getting high amount of likes i means to say, We sharing these top funny picture which was get above five thousands likes. So  we are sure that you will get more likes on these top 10 funny pictures. All are most unique. Just share any one and trying to tag more different friends for spread you different image with more Facebook friends. Then just get any one top 10 funny Pictures and watch amazing result.

Do Something New

Top 10 Funny Facebook Pictures photo image

Funny Impression Of Boy

Top 10 Funny Facebook Pictures photo image

Wine For Mosquito

Top 10 Funny Facebook Pictures photo image

More Secure

Top 10 Funny Facebook Pictures photo image

Hospital of Slipper

More top 10  Funny Facebook Pictures photo image

Indicator for Turn left Right

More top 10  Funny Facebook Pictures photo image

Girls and Boys friends

More top 10  Funny Facebook Pictures photo image

Difference Boys and Girls Heart

Heart Funny Facebook Pictures photo image


logout Funny Facebook Pictures photo image

Copyright of Top 10 Funny Facebook Pictures 

These all picture we was getting many sources like Google images search, yahoo funny image search, Facebook pages and timeline and groups and many others, Because we are sharing top 10 funny picture which was get more likes, So we have not any copyright of any of these image, If you have any copyright issue, Then just ask us we will remove your image if you wanna remove that from our list.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Now SODA PDF In New Look With Advanced Features

I think everyone knows about SODA PDF 6 Software because it’s very popular software because this also gives you online PDF features which make your life easier in office platform. SODA PDF invented by LULU Software. LULU software is great software organizations which always focus on improvement in its Features. Before some days when I updated my premiumSODA PDF 6 software, I was shocked seeing advanced features which are not available in previous version. Under this post”Now SODA PDF in new Look with Advanced Features” I am showing all updated features.If you don’t know still now about this software, this post will helpful to understand SODA PDF Software and services.

Now SODA PDF In New Look With Advanced Features image photo

Its gives you various suitable plans and each plan gives you unique features. LULU Software updates extra features in newly updated license. 

SODA PDF Features 

1) Open any PDF file, including comic books, with our free built-in PDF reader.

2)  Create PDF Form word, Excel, PowerPoint, image and 300+ file formats.

3)  Convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, HTML, .txt and images.

4)  Edit, Cut, Copy and add text in your documents.

5)  Insert images, links, headers, and footers to your documents.

6) Review, compare and annotate your documents with sticky notes, stamps, shapes and pencil tools.

7)  Secure forms your documents with passwords, permission levels and digital signatures.

8)  Create Forms from scratch or save, edit and fill pre designed ones.

9)  Turn any and text locked into its images into fully editable documents with our Optical Character Recognition OCR technology.

10)  Its Based on Modular Technology, we can extend this software features by help of module.

SODA PDF 7 Extra Advanced Features 

1) Cloud Access-Today mostly users used cloud service because this is very stable and portable resources for share your content. You can access your data anywhere without your devices. Soda PDF provide you cloud based services in newly updated version. You can save your document into its online space, Dropbox and OneDrive. 

Now SODA PDF In New Look With Advanced Features image photo

2) Now Convert your PDFs to PowerPoint along with other file Formats.

3) Do More with your Edit Module! Easily replace pages and extract images.

4) Insert Headers and Footers as well as watermark in your documents.

5) Drag and Drop Pages in your previewer to reorder your documents.

6) Redesign Installation Manager and core Engine Optimization.

7) IRIS OCR Technology-SODA PDF 7 utilizes the latest in IRIS Cannon technology to accurately recognize text hidden within images in your documents.

If you want to try this software you can use trial version. But under trial version you can use specific features. You can’t access advanced features. This offers various license plan and each plans gives you advanced features. Below you can get license plan information.

1) Business Edition 

Business edition SODA PDF In New Look With Advanced Features image photo

Business plan are based on business requirements. This package provides you OCR+PRO both package features. This is most complete license of SODAPDF software.

2) PRO+OCR Packages 
Pro + OCR SODA PDF In New Look With Advanced Features image photo

This is another important license. This also gives you PRO+OCR feature. It is helpful to automatic & manual recognition of text and supports large number of languages.

3) Professional Packages 

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Profetional SODA PDF In New Look With Advanced Features image photo

This License holds various limited features. Under this license you can get create and convert pdf, edit text and image, secure your file with password and create form and templates and fill and save form.

4) Standard Package 

Standerd SODA PDF In New Look With Advanced Features image photo

Standard plan also have limited features. Standard plan gives you view create, convert  and Edit pdf service.

Comparison of Soda PDF Plans:-

Comparison SODA PDF In New Look With Advanced Features image photo

If you need more information about its many packages or planes then just see its official comparison review in above image, You can choose any one suitable standard, professional and pro+ OCR package, If you have any question about this software, than just ask us or visit official site of, Just get it and grow up your business thanks

Friday, October 3, 2014

Top 10 Facebook Images of The Year

Top 10 Facebook Images are not fix like Top 10 Best Facebook Profile Pictures For Men Boy , But we can give a world top most popular images of Facebook which most liked by Facebook users. As you know on the fb people like to get Free Facebook like. But Get More Comments on Facebook Photo not easy. But every wanna need it. Now days social media sites are more popular among the people,  You can see many survey of news magazines that most people are giving their busy time to social sites. Here we can share everything like status update, Photo, image or picture updates, videos, notes and also we can create events and many similar like this, But its main target get more people on their updates, Today we are talking about   this social networking site images, You know that Facebook images also most attraction of this social networking site, So sure you wanna also know about top 10 best Facebook images which most liked by peoples.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Images ?

As you know social sites are sharing sites, Their we can share our feeling by status updates, picture or pictures updates and by videos. Here we can share funny and sad and any type things, But on every platform people wanna more likes and comments, But you know all social media sites including  this social networking site also very big. Here every second many thousands people are sharing their feeling by images and status updates, and you know every one wanna more likes. But we can see that some images are getting more likes and some are getting few impressions. Actually people wanna something unique and another latest trends and affairs photos are most likes, Here we are sharing some most popular photos which most popular now days than we can ay it that it will more liked by your friends. and you can get more likes.

Top 10 Facebook Images 2015

Once again we wanna also saying you that top 10  this social networking site photo are not fix, But we can give you a best list of top 10 photo, Their are many picture are getting more popularity among this social networking site's users, We just adding these pictures which we are often seeing on friends updates, and also getting more popularity by latest affairs, So we can say it that these pictures may take a best place in top 10 Facebook images list. Lets know about top 10 images of this social networking site.


Nymer top 10 Facebook Images photo

Honey Sing

Honey singh top 10 Facebook Images photo

Suny Leon

Suny Leon top 10 Facebook Images photo

Messi top 10 Facebook Images photo

Narender Modi

Modi top 10 Facebook Images photo


Obama top 10 Facebook Images photo

Salman Khan

Funny Boy

Funny Facebook Images photo

Windows 10

Window 10 Facebook Images photo

Imran Khan

Imran Khan Top 10 Facebook Images photo

Copyright Of Top 10 Facebook Pictures

Friends this collection we are included by many sources like this social networking site wall updates, friends album, groups, and many pages. So if you are copyright holder of any above image and you wanna remove it from this collection then, Just ask us by contact us, We will quickly remove your copyright image from our collection, If you have any suggestion of Top 10 Facebook Images, Then just ask us.