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Saturday, November 22, 2014

How To Use Free Facebook Using NMD VPN Also Internet

How to get free Facebook on your android mobile using NMD VPN or how to get free Facebook on your computer using NMD VPN tricks most like by people, Can i use free Facebook on My computer or on my Android mobile phone, This question we are often seeing on many platforms, Now days many new mobile companies also providing Free Facebook access for a limited period if you are buying their mobile product, Because its most using social sites and everyone trying to connect this. It's giving you many platforms to increase friends, making relation, promote business and also many other, Now days everyone connected to this social networking site by directly and indirectly.

Now days internet rate is very high, Mostly in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Telecom companies fixing high rate of net date usage, So its headache for all, So now days most Facebook tips and Tricks lover trying to developed new ways for use free Facebook without paying any other, Here we are also sharing one of the best trick for access free Facebook, No any hidden or extra charge, So lets read more about and get it.

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How To Use Free Facebook Using NMD VPN Also Internet image photo

Can I use Free Facebook or Internet?

Now days tips and tricks of free internet access getting more popularity. As you know using tips and tricks we can access some hidden or special features of any field or work, Many Facebook friends also asking us for the best way for accessing free Facebook and also working way, So for this we was trying many methods but most are not working.

On the internet free Internet access tricks completing by proxy, port and similar like this setting in the browser. But after trying you will find that most tricks are not working and also fake,  But NMD VPN tricks is most powerful and working fine. So today we are sharing about NMD VPN free internet trick and your computer. So lets know about NMD VPN software to better understand.

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How To Use Free Facebook Using NMD VPN Also Internet image photo

What is NMD VPN and how to Install this?

NMD VPN is a small size software which can help you in making a virtual private server. Some time before some time it's used only for govt use and it's developed by the USA govt for secure data communication from hackers but now its using world wide. But now you can use it to get free internet access with also high speed so let know method for this.

How to Install

1 - First all of you just download NMD VPN from her

Now just install using
        For Windows XP you can install using double click.
        For windows 7 and 8 installs using '' Run as Administrator''

How To Use Free Facebook Using NMD VPN Also Internet image photo

2 - Now just follow the easy installation process and keep not installation folder.

* Windows XP 7 & 8 (32 bit)         C:Program Files (x86)NMDVPNconfig

* Windows 7 & 8  and 8.1 (64 bit)  C:Program FilesNMD VPNconfig

3 - Now installation process done.

How to Access Free Facebook Using NMD VPN 

If you wanna access, free internet using NMD VPN then, just first install this free software, You can get this from below link, After install just replace your modem config files in C penal, which you will find in installed folder, So lets follow step to step all guide and done.

* First you must connect your any Telecom with the low balance.

Now Run NMD VPN using  '' Run as Administrator'' .

After then Right Click on NMD VPN>  select VPN server > connect it by left click.

Now just replace your config file in the installed folder of C drive.

Now it's done, enjoy free internet.

Any error on Access Free Facebook using NMD VPN software.

Friends, This method looking simple and but easy, But its really not easy, You can many other errors so, If you get any error on access this trick then just ask us, We will try to reply your error, If you have any new useful information about Free Facebook trick and how to use NMD VPN for access internet free, just ask us using the comment box.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to Write Bold Blue Text on Facebook and Get More Likes

Facebook bold text Generator is really awesome tool for convert your normal text into Bold and also in Blue color also help you in Facebook For Increase likes, Its also part of top Facebook tips and tricks 2015.  We was also share many tools for Facebook, To be be continue today we are just mixing our some tools with our some hash tag tips and tricks, Now days social sites are really more popular platform for share any thing like picture, photos, videos and text, But simple you can share only simple text and sharing updates, If you wanna something advance for make your own updates something more different then you must follow our some tips and tricks.

As you know that there are any social sites, If you will see all social sites name then you will find biggest list, Some are very unique, Recently we find a new social site means TSU How Use This New Social Site Similar Like Facebook, Some are getting more popularity, So some users trying to use these social site with different ways and they developing new tricks, Here we are sharing some tips which also can give you this social site's different experience.

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How to Write Bold Blue Text on Facebook and Get More Likes image photo

How To get More Likes On My status Updates

Getting more likes on your photo, status, and on your videos is not easy, Now days social sites using more many proposes, Like some are using social site for Make Money Using Facebook Page, some are using for business promotion, some are using for getting more popularity, some for making new friends and also for chat. But all's first choice is get more likes, means every one trying to get more likes. But because its not easy.

Every second many millions updates are updating by Facebook users. For get more popularity every one trying to get more likes, You can note than some updates getting more likes and some are getting very low impressions, Actually its depend your updates, Actually, people like unique thing and also something different from others, If you will share different you will get more likes sure.  So if you will share your text updates in Bold and also in Blue color then you will get more likes sure. So share bold and blue text and more likes.

How to Share Bold with blue Color Text Updates and Comments on Facebook

Fo this trick we are just using two method, Means first for bold text we are using Bold text generator and for make blue text we are using hash tag system, As you know Hash tag converting your anchor text into links of Facebook community or Facebook search result, Its very interesting, You can use it for make blue text so let's follow.

1 - First Convert your simple text into Bold text using below Tool

How to Write Bold Blue Text on Facebook and Get More Likes image photo

Facebook Bold Text Generator

Fb Bold Text
Here Is An Example
Type Here

Copy And User In Facebook.

2 - Now just Add # in start of world, For Connect word use _  symbol.

3 - For example my Word is I love My Mom Then Hash tag #I_Love_My_Mom

4- Just share this on your wall a and gt more likes.

Final words on Facebook Blue text Trick

Friends this is not official trick of this social site but its working fine, Just generate any text using this simple tool in bold word then just copy that and share with Hash # tag, It will look more attractive and also help you to show your present with your friends. Finally thanks for visit and keep it for more tricks of Facebook blue text and bold words keep coming.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

TSU How Use This New Social Site Similar Like Facebook

TSU or TSU.CO is new social networking site, Its recently lunched, So most people don't know about how to sign for TSU, and how to use TSU social networking site,  You can say it clone of Facebook, Because no more different to Facebook,  You can add people as friends, You can follow them, you send massages, and also you can share video, photos, images, text and you can directly share your share on Facebook and twitter wall using this, So i think it will help you to connect more people.

You know that now days social networking site's is very popular, If you will see Alexa rank updated and many News sites updates then you will find that Social sites getting higher traffic, Its best example is Facebook, You know that Facebook is now days getting best place in top most popular sites in most countries, Its also on second place in alexa traffic rank.  Due to this Facebook making higher money by selling ads, So now days day by day new social site lunching, Today we are taking about this, Let's read more about this and know about this,

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TSU How Use This New Social Site Like Facebook  image photo

What is TSU

With tsÅ«, users can monetize all social content,  You can say it clone Facebook, But something different from Facebook.  I see some features similar like Facebook,
You can share text, photos, videos.
You can make friends,
You can send friends request.
You can follow people.
You can send massages to your friends.
It can help you promote your business.

How to sign up and How to Use TSU

Sign up process very simple, You can do it it similar like Facebook, Just sign up and confirm your email in email inbox. But its starting to choosing username, So first you choose any available user name then follow their easy steps. So let's know sign process of TSU.

First you go to TSU join-us-page.

There you will see like below Screen shot,

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TSU How Use This New Social Site Like Facebook  image photo

Just select you username means your profile URL.

You can see my URL is

Check availability of user name, then just choose password.

Follow some steps and confirm your email.

Now its done, You can use this social site.

How to Share Status Update, Photo Videos on TSU

Here you can share Photo, Text and videos,  If you are a Facebook user then you can do it very easily, If you have no more knowledge, Then just watch below screen one you account. Their you can share any which you wanna share.

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TSU How Use This New Social Site Like Facebook  image photo

How Can Help TSU to webmaster for get Traffic

There are many social sites, But some social site like Stumble upon, Google plus and Facebook is very useful for get more traffic by sharing your content, TSU is also useful for get more traffic for your blog, Because it is giving best platform for make new friends and also world wide, So just make your friends to targeted country and get direct traffic from this country by sharing content of your blog.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

All Top Facebook Tips and Tricks 2015

Facebook Tips and Tricks for mobile, chat, timeline, page, increase Facebook likes is very popular on this social site, Now people more People are searching For Facebook tricks and Facebook tips 2015, Here we are sharing some of best Facebook tricks and tips which can give you something more feature which you might not know, As you now that we are always trying to share all about this social site, so we have biggest collection of tips and tricks of Facebook.

Actually tips and tricks are a shortcut way of any method, I means to say you if you have any trick of any method then you can do that work more easily from other, and o this social networking site these type shortcut ways are very popular, let's know more about top tips and tricks of this social networking site.

All Top Facebook Tips and Tricks 2015 image photo

Working Tips and Tricks of Facebook 

Friends you know their are many tips and trick time to time appearing on internet world, If you will will search on Google then you will see hugs result, But after test or after use you will see that most are not working,  So they are getting your important time without giving any positive result. Its make so baring too.

But don't worry here, We are sharing some of best and also working tips and tricks. recently we test all below method and after test we are sharing with you, may be it will work for you.

All Top Facebook Tips and Tricks 2015 image photo

All New Facebook Tips and Tricks 2015

Money Using Facebook Without Invest Money - Online ear money without invest any money trick all friends need, If you are fan of this social networking site and you wanna enjoy with making money then you can do it, You know that this social site taking higher amount of active internet users,  So its giving many opportunity for make money, So lets read more about this and earn money using this social networking site with your hobby.

How to Increase comments and likes - Likes and comments is really first attraction of this social networking site, On this social networking site your popularity showing by your likes and getting more comments, If you have more comments and likes on your status then it will show that you are popular among your friends, But there are millions user, So getting likes and comments is not easy, here we shared some secrets which can increase you comments and likes very faster.

Complete Facebook Page Verification Detail - Facebook page verification now days very popular, Most people are trying to verify their page, But most are getting negative result means disapproved, Actually if you will not follow this social accounts some policies and setting then they will disapprove your page, Here we are shared complete info about Page verification just get and enjoy it.

Increase subscribers, Followers on Facebook Profile Fast - Subscribers or followers showing real popularity of a person, We can add only five thousand friends in an account after this it will convert in followers, But we can increase more Subscribers or followers in a personal account, So if you wanna real popularity, Then just follow our this article and gain more subscribers.

Recover See Deleted Messages on Facebook - Yes now you can get back you messages on this social site after delete, many time we unfortunate delete our useful memory i means MSG, After delete you think how to get back it again, Then don't worry, Here we are sharing a secret tricks of this social site  for get deleted conversation again very easily.

Remove Photo tag Verification on Facebook - Photo tag Verification is biggest issue for all users, Actually we before appear Photo tag Verification we just sharing our photos with our friends using tag system, But if unfortunate Facebook robot feel that you are fake than he will show Photo tag Verification for verify our account, Its really so hard, But using this trick you can remove Photo tag Verification .

Make 5000 friends on Facebook Fast in One Day - Making more friends is really good feature of this social site, But it will take more time, If you wanna more friends in few days then you can use our this killer trick, using this you can get very faster friends without sending no more friends request also safe. than just follow it and get new friends and increase friends list.

Official Change Facebook Page Name after 200 likes - Changing page name is not easy, because after 200 like Facebook is not provide this feature to its users, But we can change if your page is following this social networking sites all policies, So if you think that you page created with its policies that use this tricks for change page name, You can send request for rename you page.

Make Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photo - If you wanna attract more friends on your timeline, or if you wanna make something more different your timeline that just follow this awesome Facebook tips, Using this trick you can make your timeline cover unique and also attractive, Than just follow and get it.

Some word of Tips and tricks of  Facebook

friends, their are many tips and tricks which you can see on this social site, You can see more in our site, above tricks we just share according to popularity or pageviews, May be it will useful for you, If you need any new method of this social site that just ask us by comment below, For more working Facebook Tips and Tricks 2015 keep visit ur blog.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Can use Facebook Account for Business Marketing

Market on Facebook For Business is very easy to grow up your Business, So Best Facebook Promotions is very useful. Facebook is considered as one of the top most and best social media platform and social networking site which is mostly used by internet users and currently it is having daily active users in billions. Normal people or internet users only use Facebook for just contacting and chatting with their friends or relatives or for any fun purpose. While on the other hand most of the business persons uses this top social media networking website for promoting their business easily.

This is the main reason why people always love to advertise their products or brands on Facebook among Facebook users because of different things like increasing their online sales make a specific brand popular through Facebook advertising, promoting your products among Facebook users and also letting people to say something about your brand or product qualities to others. So it is always a good idea to use your Facebook account for business marketing purpose for getting advantage of different business marketing benefits.

How Can use Facebook Account for Business Marketing image photo

How to use Facebook for business marketing

As I already mentioned above that for business people Facebook is one of the top social platform to promote their business or brand or product easily. It can help the business owners to spread the word about their brands, increase the sales of their products easily through  advertising and promotions.

If you are one of those who are also a business person and want to know more about how you can use your account for business marketing then this guide will be helpful for you to learn more about these things.

Fundamentals of Business Promotion on Facebook

If you are one of those people who is looking to promote his/her business through using this social site then you will first need to know about the some of top fundamentals that you need to setup for business promotion success. Also in order to meet specific kind of goals, you can also focus on your activity as well.

The activities are mentioned below one by one respectively so that you guys can easily understand about them:

1. Setting up your Page

2. Identifying your audience

3. Creating compelling content

4. Advertising

5. Measuring and Adjusting

So these are the five basis fundamentals that you first need to setup before going for success easily.

How to use Facebook for business promotion

Do you have any idea who gets benefit from the advertising on here or marketing? Most of the times small business promotion is really effective on this platform to get more sales and making your products popular on here easily. Because Small business always offers unique service and unique products to the small range or targeted users and provide a better option to reach their exact and targeted audience easily with personal approach easily.

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How Can use Facebook Account for Business Marketing image photo

How to use Facebook for marketing

Now if you have planned to target customers instead of businesses then Facebook is best choice for you. Below we are sharing some useful and effective methods that will help you to promote your business easily through Facebook. All the tips and guides are mentioned below:

1. The very first thing that you will need to keep in mind is that why you are going to join Facebook? And what will be your plans or strategies to use it for promotion? For example you can use Facebook in order to find out local customers for your product or building up relationships with your clients.

2. Another great idea or great step is to setup a fan page for your business. You will need to complete the details such as website link, overview of your product/brand/company and description about your product or brand while setting up fan page.

3. Third thing that you need to focus for marketing on Facebook is that try to drive visitors to your Fan pages from other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus etc. You need to put the details of your fan page on your website and on other social media websites so that your readers can also come to your fan page.

4. Keep your page active and keep connected with audience or local customers. You can also offer different giveaways and freebies to your audience to get more audience.

Can I start Facebook for Business promotion?

Yes you can start your business promoting on Facebook right now to make your brand or product famous or increasing sales easily. So this was a detailed guide about promoting your business online through advertising or promoting on Facebook easily and letting people know about your brand or product easily. I hope you liked this detailed guide and found it useful for you. If you have any queries or suggestions regards this article, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Monday, October 20, 2014

How to Increase Facebook Photo likes Free

Increase Facebook Photo likes very useful for get more popularity with friends, So Every one trying to get free likes on Facebook photos status updates, If you wanna also increase Facebook photos likes free than just read this article, Getting more likes on any status update or funny showing real popularity of a people, But now people are using autolikers for get more likes, But they are not safe most people don't about this, So  you must try basic tips and tricks for gain Facebook photo likes.

On this social site people wanna many things,  Here we can find many new local friends and also other countries friends, Business promotions also many,  Now every social sites are getting biggest part of people's daily time. So this platform we can say most affecting to any people life. Due to this people are tying to get more information and tips and tricks of this social site, which we are always shearing with you.

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How to Increase Facebook Photo likes Free Image Photo

How to get Popularity on Facebook?

Popularity is biggest word for every one because everyone wanna more Popularity in their everyday which they like, So Facebook user also need this, Actually Facebook is most using social networking site, Here we can promote any thing, I means to say you that if you wanna promote your birthday or success, using this platform you can spread that, Facebook promotion will give you more if you impress your fans on your updates,

On this platform you will get Popularity by many things but if you are getting more likes and comments on your updates like status, image, photos or any events than its will showing, That you are very popular, So for better popularity you must get more photo likes.

How to Increase Facebook Photo likes Free Image Photo

Ge More Like By Sharing Unique Photo or image on Facebook

How Many People Use Facebook Worldwide is not fix because day by day its amount fastly increasing, So every one second sharing millions update by Facebook users, Most are sharing status and photo, and you know everyone trying to get more likes on their photo, So high amount of photo making bounce rate of ant update, So first you must decrease bounce rate by share something unique, let know about this.

Increase Likes by Reduce Bounce rate of Photo updates

If you thinking what is bounce rate of Facebook photo updates, Bounce rate means any friend or another Facebook user not focusing you photo updates, because your photo update not attracting any person, So for reduce you photo updates and get more likes on photo updates you must share something unique and also more attractive photo on you timeline and on page updates.

How to Increase Likes on Facebook Photos

By Unique photo - Unique thing is getting most impression every where in the world, You know that India is second biggest country of the world, here is many things but its also known for Tajmahal, So for attract more people on your photo, you must share something unique from others.

Funny Photos  -  funny thing giving laugh and fresh mind, So every one liking funny things, So better result of impression you must share Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes, its one of best way and working all days of the year.

Latest Trends -  Always keep mind latest trends, You know most people are crazy to latest affairs, So you must know about latest news or viral things which more wanna know, If they will see about latest trends update, then they will give you impression and also their comments.

Fake Like  - Fake like is biggest headache for this social site, There are many Facebook autolikers now days you can see and also most are free, You can get high amount and also unlimited likes using Facebook auto liker, I wanna say you that if you will use auto liker then your access token of Facebook will take by owner, may be they mis-use your token, So its my suggestion don't use this.

Tag Different Friends - Photo tagging is best feature of Facebook for notice your update to your friends on their notification bar, So you must always share your photo with different friends, If you will tag same friends always than they can report your tag and may be you will block for some days to tag. Now you can Tag More Than 50 Friends on Facebook Photo so it will give you more opportunity for spread your picture.

Use Hash tag - Hash tag is really awesome feature of social sites, This social also providing you hash tag feature, If you will use hash tag in your photo description, Then it can boost your photo with more friends, It will help you to increase more impression.

Free tips for Increase more Likes on Facebook photo

For better understand you must always trying to get new ideas for post, share always something different from last day, Also trying to share random post status update, photo or image, videos, and use hash tag for spread you content with more Facebook users. Trying to get new tips and tricks of this social site from our blog and Increase Facebook Photo likes free.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015

Facebook Photos also can help in get , Photos most liked on Facebook,  You its also help us to Increase Likes on Facebook, We was shared many article in this series after give Top 10 Facebook Images of The Year, People also need more about top Facebook pictures, new popular images, Latest trends images, also trends top 10 pictures of actress, actors, Bollywood stars, Hollywood stars football players, cricket players, natures and also many others

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Today we are taking about something different categories pictures of this social networking sites. Its can help you in many things which we are also discussing in next paragraph. You know every social media sites know by their some special features, Similar Facebook also known for their many sharing features like as videos, photos, status and any other, So if you need something best collection for share on your wall then just follow us.

Get More Facebook Like by sharing something Unique

On Facebook, people first trying to get likes, second comments, and last followers,  So if you are also user of this biggest social media site then i think you will need this also, If you don't know about How to get more likes on this social sites without doing more work, Then don't worry here some instruction which can help you, So always trying to share something unique and most liked picture because they will give you more impressions.

Actually on this platform you must share some thing new from others also more unique for get more likes, But their are some pictures which most liked on this social site, Which can take best place in top Facebook photos, Here are some these collection which also can help you to get more likes on this social networking sites, Let's know more about this and get it.

World's Top 10 Facebook Photos which most Liked

World's top 10 things are not fix, Similar likes that top 10 best Facebook photos are also not fix, We can divided top 10 photos in many categories like actor, funny, sad, love, also many more, But here we are sharing these photos which we are often seeing on this social sharing site, and also most are getting more likes on every updates, So we can say it that its top photos which getting more likes,  So if you will share below photos may be you will get more positive result by getting more likes.

Funny Swimming 

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Sunny Leon

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Honey Singh

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Funny Impression 

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Real Use

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Narendra Modi

Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo


Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo


Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo


Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo


Top 10 Facebook Photos of 2015 image photo

Copyright of Top photos of Facebook

Friends above collection we are collect from many sources likes Facebook friends wall post, page post, groups post and also any others Facebook sharing platform, Actually there are no more special method for get top photos, Or we not found any survey for this, And you also know that top 10 things not provided by any one, Its future fix bye people interest, If you have a any copy right issue on above pictures and you wanna remove from our site, then just tell about your copyright and we will remove your copyright image from our collection, thanks

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How To Add or Post Stickers on Facebook comments

Add Stickers on Facebook comments now very easy, Now you can post Facebook funny stickers on any comment, Now you can post stickers on Comments using Android, Mobile phone window mobile, Computer and any mobile and computer browser, Its making more attractive to Facebook also help you to share your feeling by stickers. You can also see older post for New Funny love Facebook chat sticker, For install new stickers.

As you know that Facebook is always updating website, On this platform you will see that, Day by day you are seeing many new feature for its users, Its yearly updating timeline, page timeline, many new privacy and security updates, hash tag and more others. You know most updates are very liked by peoples. So lets know this new update of this social site and get it.

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How To Add or Post Stickers on Facebook comments image photo

Can I Post or share Stickers Directly on Facebook Friends Comments 

Before this change we can share picture and photos on comments by uploading through your mobile or computer, This take more time and also not easy very time. For this if you have not any emotions in your mobile or pc then you can't do. But now its more easy.

Similar chat  method now you can directly share your emotion and feeling by chat emotions, Most attractive thing its posting by one click, So now you can enjoy this social networking site with more funny and attractive comments emotions. let's know step to step method for this.

Facebook Comments Tools You may like 

If you need more awesome features or tips abd tricks of this social networking site than you can also visit our many tools, Which are giving you many type comments and status update generators, They will help you to share something different text from others, So for this just visit - Best Facebook Tools For Page Chat Timeline and For All

How to Post Stickers on Facebook Comments

This is not hard also very simple, Its similar like post image or photos on comments. Before this if you wanna post any Stickers on a Facebook comments, Then first you need to download them in your device drive, After then you can upload it, But now this social site make it more easy. now you can share sticker similar like chat means, You can live sticker in a click just follow.

- First you Choose any post where you wanna share Sticker.

- Then Click on Emotion button near by camera Icon.

How To Add or Post Stickers on Facebook comments image photo

- After Then just select any one as your Choice and click on it.

- Now its done, You can see sticker on comment.

Final words on Funny Stickers News

Its recently launched news, So in this post we are not more information of how to stuff guide, If you find any new information of this, Or you need any how to guide on Stickers download, new install, or any other then ask us, We will share your need as well as soon, If you think that this article useful for your friends, So please share this useful News of this social networking site with your friends,  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How To Make Money Using Facebook Page with Tips

How to make money using a Facebook Fan Page, Or How to Earn Money Using Facebook Without Invest by your fan page likes is very interesting trick or method for get more money using your Facebook Page post and their likes.  So if you wanna enjoy earning with enjoying your favorite social site, Now you can get it. As you know that online tips, tricks for earning now days going more popular among internet users, Now days most people trying to convert their hobby into job,  This tricks can give you some money without spend no more time and without invest.

Online marketing on Facebook give us biggest chance to make money, The Top Best Facebook marketing strategy for Businesses is completed by Facebook page promotions, So if you know top 10 ways to Promote Facebook Page, It will give you more fans and more active users, all sponsors need only this. So let's try to attract more sponsorship for your page, and make more money using your Facebook fan page.

How To Make Money Using Facebook Page with Tips image photo

How Can I Earn Money Using My Facebook Fan Page?

Online earning now days more popular, If you will search on the net then you will find many ways for online earning without invest money, You can make money using Blogger, Data entry, by content writing, web design, by clicking and many more others and another is Facebook.

Facebook is biggest social site, most people are daily using this, Its also second biggest platform which give you best advertising places also world wide,  Now most are asking us about make money using Facebook account and page, Today we are reply to our all friends by this article, That yes you can make money using this social site by following our below special tips and tricks.

How To Make Money Using Facebook Page with Tips image photo

How to Get or Attract Sponsor for Your Facebook Page

To make money using a Facebook fan page, First you must get a sponsor or advertiser for you, Actually now days all companies trying to market their products online, Facebook also best platform for this this way, Because here they can target their customers to a specific location or geographic area,

Many companies now days trying to get these which have good amount likes or sharing related topic of their product, or they have a good amount of active users. So if you wanna attract a best high paying sponsor for you, then just follow some instruction, and get best advertiser for you.

How to make Money Using a Facebook Page with Tips and Tricks

To make money using a Facebook fan Page you must get below points and earn more -

Get More True Facebook Likes - Every sponsor wanna high traffic to their product post, High traffic or more post reach will increase by more likes. Sop first you must get real likes, Most are buying fake likes, The fake likes are bad effecting this, If you have not high post reach then its showing that you have fake likes. So trying to get above 100 k likes for get a best sponsor.

Increases Talking about This on Facebook Page  - Every one can buy fake likes easily and they can increase likes, but Talking about This of any Page never showing fake, Its showing active fans. If you have above 20k active users, Then its more attract to any advertiser, So get active user earn money using this social site.

Increase Post Reach - Post reach is the main thing which which every sooner need, You know that if any sponsor will post about their product using this, If your page have not more post reach than, Its affect negative, Every advertiser will see your post by Facebook Insights ,  So always get active likes and active fan for increase post reach.

Increase Five Star Rating on Facebook Page - Five start rating of any fan page showing activeness and also their popularity,  If your fan page has more stars then, It is showing that its good and also more useful for people, So better make money you must increase it.

Verify Your Facebook Page - You know verified badge is giving more popularity to a Facebook page, It's also attract more people and advertiser, So you can also verify if its possible. If you need then visit Complete Facebook Page Verification Detail with setup to Send and give a try.

Make Niche Marketing Topic Page -  Direct advertising mostly attracted by niche topic, If you have niche site, then you can get more sponsors post,  So for better result you can also make a Niche topic.

Complete your Page - First of all of  you must complete and also give a contact number in the about section, Always became active with your fans comment and massage,

Any Suggestion and tips and tricks for Make Money using A Facebook Page

If you have any more tips and tricks and also a useful suggestion for this article then just suggest us by commenting below. I hope you can  Earn money or Make Money Using Facebook Page by our some tips. For more new ideas of make money keep visit our blog.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes

Funny Pictures For Facebook which getting more likes we can give a bestter place in the top 10 list, Today are are sharing Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes on Facebook, you know that Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook doesn't fix, But we can make a list which also getting more likes and popularity on Facebook,  You know that social sites knowing for sharing,  All social sites are know for their specialty like some are known for video sharing, some status, some photo and allowing to share everything.

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Today we are talking about FB, Here we can share everything which is social, But you know every one wanna more liked and popularity on this social site, Because most people now days using social networking sites, So now people also wanna popularity on this platform, Funny image For Facebook also can help to get more popularity on this social site.

How To get more Likes by Funny Pictures For Facebook 

As you know social networking sites fully connected to world wide peoples, Every country one social site is popular, But you know that, This social networking site is more popular from all other, Its connected to worldwide people, also taking best place in every country's top five sites. Here all people wanna became famous, but it's very hard because, Peoples popularity showing by their likes and followers, Every one need it,

If you are searching for How To Increase subscribers, Followers on Facebook, Then its can help also,  Actually on this platform unique and funny pictures are most liked by people, If you share something unique from other or something Funny Pictures For Facebook, Then it will most attract peoples, So here is world most liked top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook, Which can give you more likes.

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook 2015

There are many categories of top pictures, No one can say any images to Top pictures, but we can add in top 10 list by more popularity, here we are sharing these images which are often seen by people and also most liked by this social site uses, So these photos can take best place in our blog's Top 10 Funny Pictures For FB. We a big experience of this social networking site,

We have many groups, pages and personal accounts with five thousands friends and biggest list of followers, When we share below listed images on our wall groups and page, Then it was getting more likes, So today we are adding these funny photos which most liked on FB. May be it will help to get more likes and comments on your wall.

List of Top Funny Pictures For Facebook

here is best list of to the Facebook funny picture, Just get and share on your wall for better impression and also show your presents with you friends, Then let's get it.

Different View 

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

You can Think

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo


Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

After 100 Year Most are Dead

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

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Everything with FB

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Anti - FB

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Youtube vs FB

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Fb Diet

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Indian Movie name with FB Activity

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Fb Addiction 

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Copyright of Top Funny Pictures For Facebook

If you talking about the world's most liked Top Funny Pictures For Facebook, Then these pictures will came many sources,  These above pictures which we are sharing are coming from many sources like  friends updates, Group updates, biggest pages and also many other sources, If you have copyright of any above funny image then just ask us with your copyright. We will remove it quickly. Finally, thanks for the  visit and keep it for more new Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook.