How to change Facebook page name after 200 likes Trick of 2015

How to change a Facebook business page name really difficult after many or 200 likes, After this we are enable to this features,  I have some tricks for this using you can do it, So for this  i am including in our blog a latest also very useful and so advance Facebook trick for How to change Facebook page name after 200 likes 2014, Mostly We can change our faebook fan page before 200 + likes, After reaching this limit we can’t change our name easily and Facebook also not provide this to any user,
If you have more like on you fan page like 5k and you don’t wanna this name, Simply you can’t change this but using our blog New Facebook Tips and Tricks you can do easily. You know many features of this social site after some time we can’t use. Means if you set three time name, After three times you can replace with new one, So lets read more and know about this.

Easy way To Change Facebook Business Fan Page After 200 likes

If you search on net you will find many ways for this trick, Some are working and some are not, But we are sharing many method, You can choose for your best method, Means you must choose that method which you easily understand,  So choose it yourself, If that work for you it’s better for you. If you Notice first my Facebook page was Facebook Trick but a few days before I changed it to New Facebook Tips and Trick, That’s true you can also change its just follow our steps and done.

Updated New Method  – Official Change Facebook Page Name after 200 likes 2014

Right Official way for Change Facebook Fan Page After 200 likes

Fans we are sharing with you two methods, Its a best method also its a right way, safe and provided by Facebook,  First method also a new method also most like by people, It’s Only for your blog/ business / site’s pages. Its not working for your personal fan page. Go on your Required page and click on Edit, Now click on Edit Inf, Now Click On Edit name, You can also watch screen shot for better understanding. There you will find  change Name request, then click on change request,  There you will find a Form Just read it carefully and accept their terms and condition. Just follow their steps and done.

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1 Its Only for your blog/ business / site’s pages.

2 Go your Required Page and click on Edit Info.

3 Now Click on Change name and Change request.

4 There you will find a Form, Read this carefully,

How to change Facebook page name after 200 likes 2014 image photo

5 After reading accept their terms and condition,

6 Fill it and follow their steps and done.

How to change Facebook page name after 200 likes 2014 image photo

Latest Method for  change Facebook page name after 200 likes 2014

Another second way also very interesting you, If its works for you, you can change your Facebook fan page really so easy, Its very easy way to change it. This method depends on some other IP and port, Means using Arabic IP just we can change our name by translating pages,  it’s not official,

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First Open Your Google Chrome and set This Proxy PORT 8080

Now Restart your browser quickly.

Go to Page click on Edit info.

Now Click on Add Translator in Page.

How to change Facebook page name after 200 likes 2014 image photo

Now click click on Translate Page.

How to change Facebook page name after 200 likes 2014 image photo


Now Click on Arabic for Inspect Element.

How to change Facebook page name after 200 likes 2014 image photo

Change Language using this Below code and there.

Means Delete Arabic Inspect Element code and Replace below code there.

Now you can change your name and save it.

Final Words on change Facebook page name after 200 likes Trick of 2015

Hello fans, I wanna Say you we will never try this method, we includes this method by the popularity of this method, But you Can Use there Official Method also safe, For a latest Facebook tutorial keeps visiting our site thanks for visit our social networking helpful blog. Your suggestions are always helpful for us, So if you have any useful suggestions then please share with us, To get more about this social networking site keep visit this un official blog.

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