How to comment on Mark Zuckerberg`s posts status Very Easy

How to comment on Mark Zuckerberg`s posts status trick most need, As you know that Mark Zuckerberg most popular name in the world and he is owner of facebook, So most wanna comment on their status or facebook post. Hello fans, Today we are sharing with you something knowledge about a Facebook and also a easy trick of this social site which is How to comment on Mark Zuckerberg`s posts, You know Facebook is a biggest social site,  You also know that its word wide social site, All countries user are connected to this social site like actor, actress, big companies CEO, political, singer, dancer, doctor,
Primes and also many product companies are fully connected to this social site, We can directly comment and massage on any of these companies page or actor page or any product which connected to this social site, But we can’t comments on Mark Zuckerberg`s status update easily. So many people don’t know how to comment on  Mark Zuckerberg`s status update or why I am enabled to comment on Mark Zuckerberg`s status update, Just follow and do it.

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Who is Mark Zuckerberg`s

If you are connected to Facebook then you must know about Mark Zuckerberg`s, Its most popular man in The word, This is an American Computer Programmer, He so popular for one of five co-founders of the social networking website Facebook.
Name            –   Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Occupation    –   Chairman & CEO of Facebook, Inc.
Famous For   –   Co-founding Facebook in 2004
Religion         –  Jewish atheism
Birthday        –   May 14, 1984 (age 29)[1]
Nationality     –   American
Residence      –   California, US[2]
Alma mater    –   Harvard College 

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How to comment on Mark Zuckerberg`s posts 

If you wanna comment on Mark Zuckerberg`s then you must change your zoom setting, Without changing setting you can’t do this. I wanna Tell you that Mark Zuckerberg has more than 19 million followers, No buddy can’t send him friend request no one can’t block him, Its friends will convert into followers, He is a great man, I also first time surprised that who is this man, which have the highest amount of follower, Lest if you wanna comments on Zuckerberge’s image, status update than you first set your age 18+ year, If you are not adult means 18+ year than you can’t do this.

How to comment on Mark Zuckerberg`s  Status image

  • First You Must Login Your Facebook Account.
  • Now Click on Right Corner Gear or Setting Button.
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  • Now scroll down and click on account Setting.
  • Now click on the Left side menu on Followers.
How to comment on Mark Zuckerberg`s posts image picture
  • Now click on Turn follow if this is not enabled.
  • Now Its done, you can do now.

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Final word on comment on Mark Zuckerberg`s 

This is a simple setting, but many people have not known about this, If you have any question about completing this trick, Please comment below, We also share screen shot using that you can do it easily, If you think that its useful article for you and your friends please share this article using SEND and LIKE button. Thanks for visiting.

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