How to Hide Facebook Name invisible Empty 2015

How to invisible last Facebook Name or How to Hide Facebook Name invisible Empty than may be it will best article for you, For this today we are sharing with you something new tricks of Facebook name that is How to create make Facebook account or profile name invisible or empty, How to create Facebook account without name, Yes now you can do it, We also share with for empty Facebook fan page name, Actually people wanna something new on this social site, In this time social sites are very popular among people, Every where you will see social sites user,
The Facebook, Google plus and Twitter are most popular, On the twitter you can post little words line but on fb and Google plus there you can share many more so people are mostly attracted to these site, Lets do this simple working tutorial and get it.

How to Hide Facebook Name invisible Empty 2015

According to their popularity as people always searching, Something new tricks of Facebook,  So we are always trying to share something new Facebook tips and tricks, If you search on the net you will find  hugs tutorial for this, but after the test you will find that mostly not working, So we are trying to share the only working method or trick on this social site.

How to Make Create Empty  invisible Profile Name on Facebook

This is a simple proxy setting, Actually Facebook give every where or every country a different policy to there users, So different features of different country we can’t use them easily, But changing some proxy setting we can do this, Facebook is now not only  a photo sharing, Status sharing or video sharing platform, Now people wanna share or photo something new like as animated gif picture and many more,  On every social sites users  main means is attract the friend on there profile, If you create your Facebook account without name, Than people must attracted to Your profile, You will get more likes and  comment on you daily updates.

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How make Facebook Profile Name invisible Empty 2015

This Trick Working with Indonesian Proxy, If you don’t  know more about, How to make Facebook name invisible using proxy than follow us, We are sharing with you simple step by step tutorial, You can also see our YouTube video.

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** First Open your  Firefox Browser.

** Now Open Click on Tool Top Corner in Left Side.

How to Hide Facebook Name invisible Empty 2014 image

** Now Scroll Down and Click on Options.

** Now Click on  Advance > Network > Setting.

Proxy Setting
How to Hide Facebook Name invisible Empty 2014 image

** Check on Manual Proxy Configuration and use Below proxy.

** Proxy      Port   8080

Proxy Setting

How to Hide Facebook Name invisible Empty 2014 image

** Now Save it and Login Your Facebook account,

** Now  Click on Setting Option and Change language Bahasa Indonesia.

** Now Click on Name Edit and Follow me.

** Now replace your name with Below Words kk.

** Now Remove K letter and Save It.

** Once again  Change Your Name with kk.

** Now Remove K letter and Save It.

** Now is Done.

Note – Don’t Add KK words From Your Keyboard, Copy KK word From Here and Past it.

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Final Words  on How to hide Facebook name

This Trick is fully tested by us, it’s full working If you will follow all steps you can do it, I wanna tell you once again that if you wright kk words without coping here then it’s not working. If you have any question about this tutorial, please comment below, We will surely reply you, If you think it’s useful for your fan than please like and share and Comment.

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