How To Delete All Facebook Chat Messages in One Click

Delete All Facebook Chat Messages in One Click is really useful trick for saving time, for this  today we are sharing with you a best and fast tricks for Facebook MSG, which is  How To Delete All Facebook Chat Messages in One Click, Facebook’s chat system is very attractive every user must use this feature day by day, Actually most people using this social site for chat. If you watch hundreds people timeline,
Then you will see that they don’t share any day by day nut if you ask them That how many days after you logging in you fb account than their reply sure that I am using everyday my account. I also update my status or picture and video in more than two days, but i am daily using this messaging service I love this to meet more new friends. 

How Can I delete My all Facebook Chat MSG History in one Click?

Many friends are massage me that how i delete my all Facebook chat history in one click, I don’t why they wanna delete their all messages, but most need it, Actually mostly wanna when they share their account with their partner and friends, It’s must need when they wanna tear own massage, conversation private, Actually every one don’t wanna share there message to other friends, So many friends are need this method to delete all massage in one click.

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How To Delete All Facebook Chat Messages Conversation Using One Click 

There are many methods using that you can remove your all fb Chat Messages Conversation in one click very easily, But we are sharing with you latest script or code or tutorial using that you can easily or so fast remove your all Facebook chat conversation in few seconds,  Just install Grease monkey Firefox add-on than just restart your Firefox browser and now you need to install script, After install script just follow them its done.

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Remove Facebook Chat Messages Conversation Using One Click  

* First, you must Open Mizilla Fire fox Browser.

* Now simply Install Greasemonkeyin Add-on.

* Now just restart your Firefox  browser.

* Now Go to User and install This Script.

* Now Login with your Facebook Account.

* Then you will see a Delete Facebook Button.

* Just use them for deleting your all Facebook MSG in a click.

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Final Words Delete All Facebook Chat Messages in One Click

This is a latest and also updated script, If you will follow all steps you can surely do it, By the way, if you get to competing this method, please comment below, I wanna also tell you that it’s not Facebook official method, If you like this article, please give us a minute for say thank, You can support us by share this article with your friends, Thanks for the visit keep it.

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