Tricks for Add Facebook Friends in Google Plus Circles

Add Facebook Friends in Google Plus Circles is best trick is really so amazing for connect both social size, If wanna get its so today we ar sharing with you a special and most useful tricks which is How to Add Facebook Friends on Google Plus Circles, Yes its amazing, Google plus also a biggest social site, Its also very useful for your website and blog’s SEO traffic and also for page rank, Every  developer have Google plus account, Its third biggest social site,
Its also give many advance feature of chat and video calling which Facebook enable to give you, So if you like social networking site than you must know about Google plus, I have some tips and tricks of Google plus which can increase your Google Plus Circles very easily, Its working tricks every where.

Convert Facebook Friends Into Google Plus Circles

If you are using the Facebook social site, then you can increase your Facebook page like and friends also followers very easily, But if you wanna increase Google Plus Circles its so hard. Every one wanna increases their circle, But like as Facebook we can’t increase this without this simple trick, There is also have some tips using that you can also increase Google plus circle but me sharing with you a simple trick for this, Just invite your all Facebook friends on Google plus sure many people will join you,

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How to Add Facebook Friends on Google Plus Circle

This is a something new trick many people don’t know about this, But its a working trick of fb, If you do this step by steps you can do it, First you must create a yahoo mail because its must required a yahoo mail. After creating yahoo mail just follow us.
  • – First, you must Login Your fb and yahoo Account.
  • – Now just import your friends  Facebook to Yahoo.
  • – Just After import this migrate to Google Plus.
  • – Now Go To Google Plus Circle and Choose Import From Yahoo.
  • – Now it’s done.

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How to Import Facebook Friends on yahoo

Actually, it’s also not easy, But it also a step in this tutorial so you need to know how to import Facebook friend on yahoo. After this you can do upper method so easily.
  • – First, you must create a yahoo account and login.
  • – Now Go Yahoo Account and click on Contacts menu,
  • – Now Click on Import and Choose Import from Facebook.
  • – Now its done, enjoy.


Final Words Add Facebook Friends in Google Plus Circles

This is a simple but not easy method for increase fast Google plus circle, It like Convert Facebook friends into Google plus, If you like this article, please comment below fro say thank, If you have any question about this tutorial please comment below we will sure help you, Please like and share this article with your friends,

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  1. This is because you may chat with someone who may be worse off than you, not just in terms of their disorder, but in other ways.

    *If you always thought that messengers are a better option than chat rooms, think again.
    Such dynamic environment can prove to be very addictive.

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